Monday, 16 December 2013

A holly jolly christmas Sunday

Yesterday morning huggable towers all woke early(well everyone but the huggable one!) and got ourselves ready for what was to be our festive day out. The smallest lady in our clan went to spend the day with her marmar and daddad and uncle dimon as it was very cold and manchester at Christmas time equals not to much fun for babies and new mamas!! So the day was extra special for Hope as she got mama and daddy to herself. 
Off we toddled to the train station nice and early only to find the times had changed and we just missed one so we hoped on a bus and made our merry way in. The day was planned to start with a visit to Father Christmas but this soon was a disappointment as apparently he was "to busy" to see my girl in the words of the elf who we spoke to!! Que tears!!
To be honest I was a little annoyed myself as we have booked every year for past three years but for some reason the website kept freezing ( which I explained to the elf) and we have always been really pleased with the service.  We decided we would sort something out for another Santa visit as our week is now super busy but little did we know the markets held a little surprise for us. 
I love christmas it's hands down my favourite time of year and I get right into the swing if thing much to the mr's embarrassment including singing along to brass bands and cheering for buskers!! By the way when did people stop wishing each other merry christmas?! I say it to everyone like sales assistants etc but all I got back was blank states! Bar-humbug indeed!!!
The girlie and I snuggled up and feasted in mini pancakes and chocolate!! Mmmm

Hope has become obsessed with nut wackers (lol) so loved the windmill ontop of the pancake house. 

We made our way through the town and its many buskers and entertainment

Like this guy singing a bit of swing and another dude being a one man band who did a nice jack Johnson!

We saw singing trees....

And even the police horses were feeling festive. 

On to Albert square we went stopping for mulled wine and hot chocolate with baileys
Even the bars were decked out

We explored stalls filled with tasty treats and special wears including nut wackers

Somewhere nestled in amongst them was a stall selling trinkets of the Celtic variety and beautiful Irish sheepskins (hello Xmas wish list) where a lovely eccentric good willed jolly fellow stood. I had a chat with him and could have listened to his calming Irish lilt all day. I explained about old father c being busy and this chap decided to tell huggable that he himself was Father Christmas and he was hiding in the market watching who was naughty and nice. He told my girlshe was most defiantly on his nice list and ssssh don't tell people where he was!! Hope was so full of Christmas cheer and excitement after that and has told everyone she saw father missmas!!!
You may notice he's actually a Viking but hey to an almost three year old he's the real deal!!

So happy cheered and laden with sweet treats and gifts we headed home to our teeny lady whom I had missed. 

We had started the day dressed in seasonal style...

But it ended as a little pirate haha xx

Aaarrrggh a merry christmas to ye!!

Friday, 13 December 2013

It's beginning to look like christmas...

We put our tree up nice and early on the first day of December this year and in honor of our two little ladies we have a sparkly navy tree with lots of pink and purple sparkle and glitter going on!! Decked in fairies and mini teapots and magic keys. 

We even got the huggable one a little pink tree of her own that she proudly decorated. ( it also stopped her touching mummy's!)

There's little bits of traditional decorations mixed in our home to along with some new baby's first christmas ones and lots of bits of Hope as its the only time we get anything with huggables name on!

This is a special gift Hope got on her first christmas from her special matey uncle Dimon (Simon to you an me) and aunty moo moo. It's a very tiny silver zoo in a lovely engraved box. The animals all signify something special like the elephant is for long life, the wolf is for family and friends, the bear is for wisdom and the lion is courage. It's so lovely and a special keepsake we will always treasure. 

Along with our festive decor and perhaps adding just a touch my pink is also a lot of new baby girl decoration cards, gifts and balloons all to welcome our newest girl just in time for Christmas 2013!

Did anyone every get a nicer gift at Christmas than a newborn babe?!

Sunday, 1 December 2013

A couple of months in photos

Like i said the last few months have been crazy so u thought I'd let some photos do the talking....

A last few bump shots

A train ride and plenty of shopping with my girl and mama

Den building in the last light days followed by some days kite flying with daddy

And some last minute baby scans and appointments

Plenty of snoozing going on

And then we had halloween to celebrate
And get crafty for
And of course get dressed up for

Lots of cuddles too

Then finally the big day arrived and baby owl was delivered!!!

Baby owl turned out to be a gorgeous little girl just like her sister!!

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

There's been a whole lot going on...

Wow it's almost two months since I last blogged and I have missed it. As a few if you may know I was expecting my second little bundle of love this month and it seems in the last weeks/months of pregnancy I seem to become a bit of a hermit crab, maybe it's something to do with my babies being born in winter months or maybe it's just part of my nesting but I tend to retreat I to my home not going out much or really bothering with the outside world that much either so blogging and Facebook both suffered.  However I was not sat watching tele with my feet up eating Bon bons oh no! I was getting the house ready for our new arrival desperately trying to sort out Hopes nursery (long story and not a happy one) and then decorating our living room. I also tried to spend as much time as possible snuggling Hope and cherishing my last few weeks as just her mummy. There was something so bittersweet about those sofa snuggles under a blanket just me and my girl not having to share. We then had a growth scan as baby owl was looking small in my bump although this proved to be nothing more than me being a very neat carrier we then had to change the c section date. See crazy stuff going on!
But I am back now with a back log of half finished blogposts so be prepared for a couple over the days.
(Waves smiles) so hello there everyone good to be back x

Friday, 27 September 2013

Hopes wardrobe (what she wore)

I thought I was about time we started the autumn edition of what Hopes been wearing lately particularly as its all so stinking cute. I'm loving filling up not only hers but baby owls wardrobes with little cardies and winter warmers. My favourite purchase so far has to be her little dr martens!!!

Just how cute are they!!
You notice The huggable one is not actually in these clothes photos well that's because I wanted to show the details of outfits and I have a 2.5 year old who at the moment isn't very cooperative with doing her little vogue thing!!

So here's a lovely little purple and floral ensemble she wore the other day to go shopping. 

The pink shoes are from m&s easy walkers range. Leather and so soft with a fab price and if I'm not mistaken in the sale at the moment. We have our eye in the new seasons silver ones! The purple cords and so comfy on her and those along with the blouse and cardie are from the new collection at boots miniclub. 
The prices on these are so reasonable and they even have offers of three for two on the clothing which is even better!!

Another stylish little look Hope rocked this week was this one...

The mustard cord dress and topcome as a two piece set from next and is available in other colours. Hope loved that it had pockets and kept putting things in there! The tights are also next but last season and as for the boots well need I point out the awesome-ness of these little doc's again!!

I managed to get a not so great snap of her but as you can see not exactly working the camera!

Oh and this coat... My mum found it for her it's even by a brand called Hope!

I hope you enjoy our little adventures into toddler fashion world I certainly do though I suspect my purse not so much!!

Sunday, 22 September 2013

(Ordinary moments) nursery time

So this week as I link up with the lovely and award winning (many congrats huni) Katie over in her blog , it's not such an ordinary moment for us but one I'm sure in a few weeks will be.

This is my huggable all ready for her first nursery visit!! And just incase you were wondering yep she's a genius!!
She suddenly seemed so grown up yet so small to me still as we set off. Such a big girl to be going to what she calls play school and wanting to be independent but then I think so small and still a baby really at two and a half for mummy to be leaving her to stay and play without her being able to shout for me to help her with the toilet or show me something she's excited about or encourage her to try that dinner. 
My girl has the sweetest heart so tender and living and she has never been treated unkindly so I worry so much that once they go with other different children some if this may get knocked our of her and she will develop other tendencies. She shares so well and doesn't know what it's like to be not included so it breaks my heart imagining her little face falling if someone snatches from her or another child hits her or won't let her play! 
But I also know that I cannot keep her in a bubble she needs to mix with peers and experience these things and know that it will be ok. Yes there will be tears ( mostly mine I fear!) and yes I will want to throttle anyone who hurts her but I also know that there will be giggles, achievements and new friends made. 
So that's it two mornings a week my girl packs her bag and goes to play school and me? Well for now I try not to cry or be bored without my little sidekick and I count down the minutes till I get to go collect my smiling slightly disheveled girl!

You really should check out Katie's blog and maybe join in. 

mummy daddy me

Sunday, 15 September 2013

(Ordinary moments) Dear heart

Dear heart was a term of affection used in the 20's (as in Hope dear heart pass the sugar) for me it totally sums up how I feel for my girlie she is the dearest to my heart. My huggables a child of many names but this one is all mine..."oh Hope my dear heart"

I'm linking up with Katie's project "ordinary moments" again and thought I'd share this little piccie.

Ben managed to capture this image on my phone and while I look a total mess in my pj's you can see where the tape in Hopes artwork has taken the paint off my walls and I've got my big ol' six month preggo belly out I love it. Hope is a fantastic big sister already she wakes me every morning kissing my belly saying "morning my baby owl you have happy dreams?" And will throughout the day rub or kiss my bump, she bei gs things to show baby owl and is not in the slightest bit jealous or annoyed by our impending arrival. I have no idea why I am surprised by this as my girl is so very tender hearted and sweet natured she is living and kind and I suppose as we see this all the time we take it for granted so I wanted to capture it forever. To be able to show her just how excited she was to be a big sister and so when she is 16 wearing black with pink hair and not my friend remember my dear heart hope this girl who stole my heart but didn't mind sharing it with her baby owl.

Why not swing by Katie's blog and join in?

mummy daddy me

Sunday, 1 September 2013

A special day in the night garden

Thursday was a special day for us this week. Baby owl is due very soon and before an appearance is made I wanted my huggable girlie to have a few treats and special days while its just her, one of these was a girlie day with me and her marmar being totally spoilt and taking in a little show namely In the night garden live!! We went last year and met Iggle piggle and Hope loved it dispite being covered in her chicken pox (she was no longer contagious!) but was a little quiet as she was just 18 months old so we knew this year would be great. Would you believe it at the start of the week she had a stinking cold but thankfully it was much better come the big day so out we three set with a full snack bag and spending monies!! We weren't disappointed!!
The show is fantastic with lots going on the costumes/characters so engaging and with the option to meet a character after the 50minute show its well worth the money. 
Out comes Makka Pakka and his ogg pig!

Iggle piggle a doing his dance.

Followed by the lovely daisy singing.

Waving away at uppsy daisy and having a quick thumb suck.

Even the tomliboos show up!

Then it's the best bit meeting uppsy daisy for a little cuddle and a photo!!

A few tears were ahead when daisy couldn't come for lunch with us but a balloon and a nap later it was all fine, although Hope has asked everyday if she's seeing daisy again!!
We then went for lunch at our favourite place in the Trafford centre giraffe and even had cake ice cream and smoothies after!! The staff there are always so lovely and the food so yummy. Then we shopped till we dropped!! The bear factory and disney shop took a bit of a pounding but my lovely girlie never forgot baby owl and even picked him a lovely thumper rattle scented with wonder!!

Finally after our fab day we went home with aching feet and much lighter purses but our cheeks ached from laughter our heads were full of memories and our hearts full of love. 
Huggable even fit in a little hair cut (check her out rocking a fringe) and then it was time for princess pjs and bed. Sweet dreams x

(The ordinary moments) sweet little drawers

In this weeks lovely little link up with Katie I'm sharing these sweet little drawers. As you know I am fast approaching the arrival of bambino number two affectionately referred to as baby owl and the past few weeks have been full of lovely preparations. 

Photos of tiny cloth nappies (just how cute!) and drawers of baby knits my seem such a silly thing to post but as this baby will complete out family I want to remember these moments. It's slightly different this time round as I'm sure most mummies of two or more would agree but just as exciting. The nice thing is I've been there before and so in some ways am much calmer and confident in my choices and the other lovely thing is I get to go through Huggables old things and relive memories.

I am naturally very organised and love sorting things out but there's just something about making your home ready for a newborn that I love and want to save and keep. Cute little wash loads and drawers filled with hand knits and generally making my home all cozy and well...homely especially as my babies are winter ones. 

It's even nicer this time as Hope is getting involved picking things out for baby owl and getting excited. She is always so proud when she picks a present for baby owl and triumphantly shows daddy "this for my baby owl daddy I got it for him" then tucks it away in the drawer. 

A few of Hopes selections.

Ok so I've shared more than one photo and I hope Katie won't mind but you kind of get my point about the sweet little drawers right?