Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The wild wind blows

While the snow did snow and the wind did blow and the rain fell all around a small huggable creature was busy....

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Call the midwife

Babies babies every where!! Firstly let me say congratulations to my friends Leoni and Gary on the birth of tiny Oliver!! New baby smell is there anything sweeter?
Right enough dreamy baby-ness and back to the post, every Thursday I go for lunch and spend the day with nana (the beautiful lady in the photo) and we get to chatting this is usually where my heritage stories come from. So anyway this week we chatted about one of my much loved programmes bbc's call the midwife(see other image) set in London in the fifties it has all my favourite things babies,vintage fashion and a lovely heart warming nostalgic storyline that makes me wish a was a fifties mama!! So my nana began to tell me stories of babies and births she remembered both my mum and uncle were born at home as we're most babies at that time but the first birth my nana remembers was of her cousin jimmy.
Nana was a little girl maybe 8 she remembers she was wearing a green gym slip and that she always asked her aunts Nelly to the the belt at the waist in a bow as she did it just the right way my nana liked it but that morning nelly was sat in a big armchair n said oh no I can't this morning n she seemed tired so off my nana was sent to school. She didnt live far and could see the school from home so came home for dinner but was kept away from the parlour but when she came home after her mum was at the door say hurry up we've got something for you! In my nana went to see nelly holding a little baby boy all wrapped up. Nana said she was so proud and told them all "I've got a brother". My nana thought baby jimmy was great she had a big fancy dolls pram n he could sit in it and be wheeled about she said "it was great like having a real doll!". A real life call the midwife scene where the mamas just got on with being a mama.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Snow tales

So today we made our own story,the story if Hopes snowy day. The huggable little love got all wrapped up after lunch and took mama and daddy and even ruby the dog for fun in the white stuff. We were the only people in our little narnia like world where everything was white and powdery and if you listened very closely you could heard the muffled sound of snow falling (my fav sound ever). The only sound was giggles and shouts of joy as huggable ran jumped kicked and rolled in the snow!! She climbed the mountain with her sled big red and wooosh down she went with mama. Then home we all plodded soggy cold red cheeked but very happy for hot vimto and a blanket in the sofa.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Heritage for hope

So I suppose this is where the heritage is coming from the people in the photos are my maternal grandparents George and Barbara and Hope(also revered to as the huggable one) is my daughter. Growing up we have heard the same stories about the same people over and over and now it's hopes turn to receive them so that's what I will do hand hope these treasured stories some happy some funny but all her heritage.