Monday, 11 February 2013

Becoming my mother

I think we all become our mothers at some point in time and whilst some ladies may meet this with a groan it is something I take as a compliment. All my life I have been told "oh aren't you like your mum" and truth be told if I can be half the mum mine was I will be happy. You see I come from a long line of fabulous mothers and hope to keep it up and show my daughter how to be one when she has children. I was born to be a mama this I have always known and having the huggable one literally makes me purr with contentment. My mother sung songs to me that I in turn sing to my daughter I fact I used to tell people my mum knew a song about everything! I noticed how much she must have instilled in me when I began humming a tune to my newborn daughter that I didn't know only for my mum to say that's Michael row your boat ashore I sung that to you and grandad sung it to me. It has been kept tucked away in a little pocket in my memories for this perfect moment holding my newborn days old daughter. I also remember my mum and baby brother coming to school to have our photo taken i still see that one in my mind my mum had highlighted short hair pearly lipstick and a pearl broach(that I would later dress up with) and I thought my mummy's the best she's the prettiest nicest mummy ..she truly was.
We now have the proudest moments when the four generations my nana my mum myself and hope are together and get comments like "oh four generation and aren't you all alike?".
For all these reasons I hope that when people say to the huggable one shes like her mum that like me instead of a cringe she pushes her chest out and smiles "yes..yes I am".
Your just like you mum....

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