Saturday, 16 February 2013

Count n crunch Cookie Monster ...a review

So this is my first review but I just wanted to do it as huggable just loved this toy. Last christmas my uncle wanted to get the Cookie Monster for her as he gets called cookey n we thought this was cool, anyway couldn't get hold of one anywhere. Fast forward to this wrk and the glam-ma surprised us with one. Basically you feed him the three cookies he comes with and he counts burps and sings songs. The cookies come out in the backpack so you can keep the game going over and over. Upon opening it I was impressed with its size for little hands and the quality if the product. It took seconds to get going and huggable adored it. She sat for about 20 minutes quietly mesmerised by this little gobbling beast in front if her and even said pardon me when he burped. I was able to enjoy a full cup of tea ( yes ladies a FULL one!) hearing giggles and babbles from her as she played with him. Cookie Monster has lived with us for three days now and huggable shows no sign of being bored with him the poor blue buddy gets carted round all over and even has to enjoy a ride or two with dolly in the pram. She sits andays with him then withho off to do something g else but returns over and over to her new blue cookie eating companion. Well done playskool on a fab toy!!

(Please note I was not paid for this review and I or rather glam-ma paid full price for the product )

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