Sunday, 3 February 2013


So this weeks heritage post is dedicated to those wonderful people grandparents, the ones that say yes when parents say no, the ones who sneak us sweets n say ssshhh don't tell the ones who are just plain old fun. This Thursday we spoke my nana and I about what becoming a grandparent does. My nana told me that following the birth of my mum her dad came home from work and sat next to the Moses basket all night n wouldn't move. This was a man with big square hands who went to the desert during the war was missing for a long time and who quietly got on with life feeling his heart swell at the sight of his first grandchild. My great grandparents Charlie and Peggy were the role models for generations after. They adored my mum and later my uncle(there's a 12 year gap) when new year came my nana came home to see peggy out on the balcony with my 9 month old mother because "she wanted to hear the boat horns n see the fireworks!! Charlie had said he would never be out if the workhouse when my mum was born and well he almost wasn't!! When she was about 18mo this old and dispite living in a flat he say a model Aston Martin in a car showroom ( like the new rac add) and promptly bought it for her!! We always say peggy knew how to shop and have us this legacy to match a bag with shoes!! When my nana and grandad became grandparents they were pretty much the same. We always had fun with grandad George and nana Barbara. My grandad was the daft one he would play a penny whistle n march round the garden with the grand kids marching behind like the pied piper and he even played Santa Claus for me when I worked at a nursery I still maintain he was the best Santa ever...ho ho ho and all. I remember him showing me how to tie fishing flies in the kitchen while nana cleaned the fish he caught and as for my nana she showed me how to cross stitch and was also up for shopping. She still is one of my favoriate people to be around. Many years down the line and its my parents turn and boy are they shaping up to be amazing! Hope could not be more adored cherished and loved. My mum is living up to her legacy and is an amazing shopper and my dad is the daftest bugger there is he even lets her call him lazybones and brews drinks of tea for her at the mear wave if a hand. So here's to grandparents a childs first best friend.

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