Tuesday, 19 March 2013

A grandad up the chimney!!

Well last weeks heritage story is a little late, turns out blogging on and iphone with no access to the things stored on my mac is a pain in the bum!! Anyway I digress... This was 2nd june 1941 during the war in salford- chapel street to be exact. My grandads family were home with his dad known to us as grandad Cooke stood by the fire. They heard the bombs fall and all the noise and commotion that goes with it happening all around them. To me this seems terrifying but my nana and grandad assured me they never felt scared my grandad even recalls standing with his dad and watch the smoke and flames as manchester burnt!! So grandad Cooke is stood by the fire,I picture him as I've alway seen him in a shirt and collar braces and his Albert chain when suddenly the was a huge crash and bang shelves shook dust fell and when everyone looked around grandad Cooke had vanished!! That's right just disappeared! Shouts were heard and then it was realised they were coming from up the chimney...there was grandad Cooke!!!! Turns out a bomb had dropped a street or so away and the pressure of the blast has sucked him up the chimney. Grandad Cooke was promptly rescued and taken to the hospital salford royal. Now it would be assumed that he was safe now and all was over but you would be wrong for as grandad Cooke was taken to a ward there were still bombs dropping all around and one hit the hospital! Twice in one night this man was bombed and yet he walked away totally fine!! We have always told this story with a light heart and smiles of grandad up the chimney however that night at the hospital 14 nurses were killed in the blast. These brave kind women helping others lost their lives that night so at the very least grandad Cooke walking away was a fluke and at the very best he was a lucky lucky man.
I do know of some services for the nurses that have been held and the hospital still stands an impressive old building on the main road it is now apartments.

Images source salford royal trust pct

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