Sunday, 3 March 2013

The tufty club

As a mama to a very independent and stubborn little huggable I know most of us have had that heart stopping moment when your little suddenly lets go of your hand and heads towards the road. Luckily it doesn't happen to often to. With this in mind I thought I'd write about the tufty club! Do you remember it? I bet your patents will. Nana B was saying on Thursday she remembers taking glam-ma to the police station in salford to join it!! There was even a huge floral arrangement on the meadow of tufty!!! For those of you who are a little confused let me explain the tufty club was to teach under gives road saftey, Tufty fluffy tale was a puppet used to relay informative simple safety productions to kiddies in the 1950/60s. somebody somewhere realised that teaming this loveable squirrel with the green cross code and making into a club was a great way to teach the kiddie winks road safety which as more and more cars were appearing on the roads seemed much needed. And there you have it the tufty club. It was very popular and at its peak there were over 25,000 branches and in 1970 it was estimated over two million members!!!
It's a shame nowadays this would all be done on and iPhone or iPad whatever happened to a badge and certificate making a kiddie proud of learning?!

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