Saturday, 17 August 2013

Return of the mama-blogger

So as you will have noticed its been a long time no blog! My sincerest apologies to you my friends, I actually feel quite bad for my lack if care in my little blog. Well bare with me as there are reasons and though these are few (and one quite juicy!) I feel they are ones many mummy bloggers have probably faced before me. I started my blog all excited and loving the little community that came with it I felt I was doing something creative and whilst making something special for my growing caught and documenting our lives I was also having a few minutes of mama grown up time, however I found that my little blog was not met with the reaction I expected. From most friends and family it was shared and something to enjoy but then a few made comments about putting my child out there (imagine is said with lots of hand movements and a scary voice) for the web to have,for just anyone to see and (this said in big booming voice) FOREVER!!!!!
Well of course it was something I had considered before I began but now I looked at it with new light....was I really being that irresponsible? Am I really advertising my child to all manner of oddballs and not rights? Should the web be treated with a bit more trepidation?
And so I stopped.
I returned to my blog many times sometimes I wrote a post and then I would remember the judging comments and delete it. I panicked I felt silly for being so trusting in nature.
Then one day not long ago I thought you know what I am being silly, silly for allowing other people to put their insecurities onto me,for accepting their worries asmy own. I rrealised a few things yes these concerns are real concerns but at the same time I choose what to put out there, I can save private things just for us but I can also share in being a mama and all the great things this brings with others too. And as for the oddballs...well do you know every person on your street? Every person passing you who looks at your baby all the people we wander around the planet with every day, those people who you just don't notice reallybecause oddballs and the like walk with them to not ogre like just normal looking like you or me. SoI am no more advertising for these people than anyone else. Truly if we all thought like that we would never leave our homes.
And so there it was my return to blogging...
....and I couldn't be happier about it!!!

Oh yes and I almost forgot the juicy reason didn't I?
Well.....I've been struggling with feeling I'll for a while as I am currently baking a very special lil cake in the oven!!
   That's right huggable is going to be a big sister!!!!
Baby number two lovingly referred to as baby owl is due nov 2013!!!
   Eeeeeeeekk secrets out!!

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