Sunday, 25 August 2013

(The ordinary moments) my girl and her daddad

So this weeks link up with the lovely Katie's ordinary moments is a moment that made me cry laughing but also made my heart smile as I watched my little huggable play with her daddad. 
These two crack me up with the way the talk to each other sometimes you just can't argue with hopes logic and the things my dad will say or make up for his "gorgeous girl" is endless. He adores her so much and once told my mum I really love Rebecca but I really rrreeeaaalllly live Hope! Gee thanks dad, but I get what he means as she holds a special spot in all our hearts. Hope even uses some of his phrases like when she does something like brush her teeth or put a clip in she will look at herself and say oh perfect because that's what my dad tells her. 
This brings me to the rather comical moment when they were chalking, now hope bangs the chalk really hard and my dad always says do it easy so there's Hope telling daddad what to do draw this draw that then she comes out with
"Daddad do it easy"
My dad replies "I am, look"
To which Hope says "no easy like this or I smack your arse!"  !!!
I was trying so hard not to laugh and to explain you can't say things like that, whilst making a mental note to be even more careful about what we say when we think she isn't listening!! Truly though a moment I will forever giggle at. 

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  1. Awww how sweet! It is so so hard to try and be stern when they come out with things that are actually quite amusing- we have had a few moments like that with Mads! It sounds like Hope loves her DadDad lots and lots! x