Sunday, 18 August 2013

(The ordinary moments) My growing girlie

  • Well there she is that girl of mine.   The girl with the golden locks and the biggest blue eyes you ever did see. The girl who sucks her thumb and twiddles her hair when she's sleepy an for no reason other than her big tender heart will wrap her arms around my neck at random kiss my face with her rosebud lips and tell me "mama I love you, your my best friend"

So this is the moment I want to remember first as  tag onto Katie ordinary moments project over on herblog.
 Because although right now all this is ordinary but I'm sure one day all to soon it won't be.


  1. She is beautiful. My little Mads plays with her hair, and strokes her ear when she is tired, she also strokes other peoples ears too. It is very cute. Definitely a memory you don't want to forget!

    And congrats on your first linky! Woo hoo you did it! x

  2. The words are"I love you mummy" are magical and powerful,, do you agree?
    My toddler expresses it by saying "mummy nice" :)
    Beautifully written.

  3. Oh she's just lovely! My Kitty twirls her hair and sucks her thumb when she's tired too, although her favourite is rubbing my hair between her thumb and finger.

  4. Awwww, that's exactly it isn't it? What seems normal and ordinary right now, won't be in years to come. And we'll all love these memories to look back on. x

  5. Thanks ladies I hated it when she stated calling me mummy more than mama and I know I shall hate it when she no longer wants to stoke my hair so yes definatly a memory worth keeping. Xx