Sunday, 1 September 2013

A special day in the night garden

Thursday was a special day for us this week. Baby owl is due very soon and before an appearance is made I wanted my huggable girlie to have a few treats and special days while its just her, one of these was a girlie day with me and her marmar being totally spoilt and taking in a little show namely In the night garden live!! We went last year and met Iggle piggle and Hope loved it dispite being covered in her chicken pox (she was no longer contagious!) but was a little quiet as she was just 18 months old so we knew this year would be great. Would you believe it at the start of the week she had a stinking cold but thankfully it was much better come the big day so out we three set with a full snack bag and spending monies!! We weren't disappointed!!
The show is fantastic with lots going on the costumes/characters so engaging and with the option to meet a character after the 50minute show its well worth the money. 
Out comes Makka Pakka and his ogg pig!

Iggle piggle a doing his dance.

Followed by the lovely daisy singing.

Waving away at uppsy daisy and having a quick thumb suck.

Even the tomliboos show up!

Then it's the best bit meeting uppsy daisy for a little cuddle and a photo!!

A few tears were ahead when daisy couldn't come for lunch with us but a balloon and a nap later it was all fine, although Hope has asked everyday if she's seeing daisy again!!
We then went for lunch at our favourite place in the Trafford centre giraffe and even had cake ice cream and smoothies after!! The staff there are always so lovely and the food so yummy. Then we shopped till we dropped!! The bear factory and disney shop took a bit of a pounding but my lovely girlie never forgot baby owl and even picked him a lovely thumper rattle scented with wonder!!

Finally after our fab day we went home with aching feet and much lighter purses but our cheeks ached from laughter our heads were full of memories and our hearts full of love. 
Huggable even fit in a little hair cut (check her out rocking a fringe) and then it was time for princess pjs and bed. Sweet dreams x

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