Sunday, 15 September 2013

(Ordinary moments) Dear heart

Dear heart was a term of affection used in the 20's (as in Hope dear heart pass the sugar) for me it totally sums up how I feel for my girlie she is the dearest to my heart. My huggables a child of many names but this one is all mine..."oh Hope my dear heart"

I'm linking up with Katie's project "ordinary moments" again and thought I'd share this little piccie.

Ben managed to capture this image on my phone and while I look a total mess in my pj's you can see where the tape in Hopes artwork has taken the paint off my walls and I've got my big ol' six month preggo belly out I love it. Hope is a fantastic big sister already she wakes me every morning kissing my belly saying "morning my baby owl you have happy dreams?" And will throughout the day rub or kiss my bump, she bei gs things to show baby owl and is not in the slightest bit jealous or annoyed by our impending arrival. I have no idea why I am surprised by this as my girl is so very tender hearted and sweet natured she is living and kind and I suppose as we see this all the time we take it for granted so I wanted to capture it forever. To be able to show her just how excited she was to be a big sister and so when she is 16 wearing black with pink hair and not my friend remember my dear heart hope this girl who stole my heart but didn't mind sharing it with her baby owl.

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  1. Aw this is beautiful Rebecca. Hope looks like an amazing big sister already, just like my Mads is to her little sister. I bet this photo is one you will treasure because it is so lovely to see her kissing the bump! x