Sunday, 22 September 2013

(Ordinary moments) nursery time

So this week as I link up with the lovely and award winning (many congrats huni) Katie over in her blog , it's not such an ordinary moment for us but one I'm sure in a few weeks will be.

This is my huggable all ready for her first nursery visit!! And just incase you were wondering yep she's a genius!!
She suddenly seemed so grown up yet so small to me still as we set off. Such a big girl to be going to what she calls play school and wanting to be independent but then I think so small and still a baby really at two and a half for mummy to be leaving her to stay and play without her being able to shout for me to help her with the toilet or show me something she's excited about or encourage her to try that dinner. 
My girl has the sweetest heart so tender and living and she has never been treated unkindly so I worry so much that once they go with other different children some if this may get knocked our of her and she will develop other tendencies. She shares so well and doesn't know what it's like to be not included so it breaks my heart imagining her little face falling if someone snatches from her or another child hits her or won't let her play! 
But I also know that I cannot keep her in a bubble she needs to mix with peers and experience these things and know that it will be ok. Yes there will be tears ( mostly mine I fear!) and yes I will want to throttle anyone who hurts her but I also know that there will be giggles, achievements and new friends made. 
So that's it two mornings a week my girl packs her bag and goes to play school and me? Well for now I try not to cry or be bored without my little sidekick and I count down the minutes till I get to go collect my smiling slightly disheveled girl!

You really should check out Katie's blog and maybe join in. 

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  1. Aw, such a big step for both of you! I'm sure she will love it, and once you've got used to it you'll probably relish the chance to relax or get things done without a little helper in tow x

  2. My 4 year old started nursery a few weeks ago and it's been hard. Harder than I thought, not for him, he loves it but I miss him terribly. Picking up time is great though and I love hearing about the adventures he's had that morning!

  3. Aww, yes we're in the same boat at the moment. I've only got to cope with the empty house syndrome for a couple more days before I go back to work but I miss both girls dreadfully when they're gone.

    And as for your little sweetheart she is absolutely a genius - and I'm sure she will find it a wonderful adventure!

  4. What a big step. We will be joining you in January as that is when Mads is going to go. I know I will miss her. I hope Hope settles in well. I love the Genuis top- Amazing! x

  5. My little girl is three in November and has just started doing two mornings a week at pre-school too! I felt exactly the same way as you and I was so emotional on the morning she started, it felt like letting her go a bit and it was so sad but she loved it and still does. She didn't cry which helped as my OH and I had already decided that we would just take her out again if she started getting upset but I think she was really ready and they do more with her in one morning that I manage in a week with J being so young! x

    It's Jess from @Along Came Cherry by the way, had to leave comment with my Google account which still has my old blog name attached to it x