Sunday, 1 September 2013

(The ordinary moments) sweet little drawers

In this weeks lovely little link up with Katie I'm sharing these sweet little drawers. As you know I am fast approaching the arrival of bambino number two affectionately referred to as baby owl and the past few weeks have been full of lovely preparations. 

Photos of tiny cloth nappies (just how cute!) and drawers of baby knits my seem such a silly thing to post but as this baby will complete out family I want to remember these moments. It's slightly different this time round as I'm sure most mummies of two or more would agree but just as exciting. The nice thing is I've been there before and so in some ways am much calmer and confident in my choices and the other lovely thing is I get to go through Huggables old things and relive memories.

I am naturally very organised and love sorting things out but there's just something about making your home ready for a newborn that I love and want to save and keep. Cute little wash loads and drawers filled with hand knits and generally making my home all cozy and well...homely especially as my babies are winter ones. 

It's even nicer this time as Hope is getting involved picking things out for baby owl and getting excited. She is always so proud when she picks a present for baby owl and triumphantly shows daddy "this for my baby owl daddy I got it for him" then tucks it away in the drawer. 

A few of Hopes selections.

Ok so I've shared more than one photo and I hope Katie won't mind but you kind of get my point about the sweet little drawers right?


  1. Aw this is such a lovely post, even though it was just 6 months ago, I miss that nervous and excited anticipation of waiting for No 2's arrival. You are super organised, even more so than me in fact! And I love Hope's choices too, that little hat is amazing.
    Thanks for sharing as always lovely lady. xx

  2. You're definitely far more organised than I ever was, but there is something very lovely about going through the old baby things and pulling out your favourites with the excitement of knowing they're going to get some use again soon - and the handknits are great, I always think babies should be treated by handknits.

  3. SO exciting - I was nowhere near this prepared even days before I had number two ;) x