Friday, 13 December 2013

It's beginning to look like christmas...

We put our tree up nice and early on the first day of December this year and in honor of our two little ladies we have a sparkly navy tree with lots of pink and purple sparkle and glitter going on!! Decked in fairies and mini teapots and magic keys. 

We even got the huggable one a little pink tree of her own that she proudly decorated. ( it also stopped her touching mummy's!)

There's little bits of traditional decorations mixed in our home to along with some new baby's first christmas ones and lots of bits of Hope as its the only time we get anything with huggables name on!

This is a special gift Hope got on her first christmas from her special matey uncle Dimon (Simon to you an me) and aunty moo moo. It's a very tiny silver zoo in a lovely engraved box. The animals all signify something special like the elephant is for long life, the wolf is for family and friends, the bear is for wisdom and the lion is courage. It's so lovely and a special keepsake we will always treasure. 

Along with our festive decor and perhaps adding just a touch my pink is also a lot of new baby girl decoration cards, gifts and balloons all to welcome our newest girl just in time for Christmas 2013!

Did anyone every get a nicer gift at Christmas than a newborn babe?!

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