Sunday, 26 January 2014

Carpark tears

The huggable has just completed her first full week at her new nursery, originally she was ment to go to another one but after our settling in session there i quickly changed my mind, lets just say it was the wrong fit for my girl. After this we decided as the birth of our littlest girl was getting nearer and we didnt want Hope to be in and out of nursery over christmas we waited to try another. Im so glad we did as the one she attends now seems a good fit she even asks to go on the days she isnt there!
After our initial look round she had her first settling in the following wednesday, mama was hesitent but Hope soon went off playing and even told me to go in the mummys room for a cup of tea! The next session I was able to come home for an hour. Nursery was much looked forward to over the weekend and when monday rolled around breakfast was gobbled down and her new sneakers and tracksuit donned, her little backpack was filled with her juice and wellies and off we set. Hope seems to be just fine but behind the smiles my tummy was turning. You see ive never left my daughter before. Apart from with my parents she has always been my partner in crime my lil side kick who shares my adventures. Its never been a chore for me to have my kids with me all the time. Dont get me wrong i relish the half hour to myself for a bath but i love sharing time with the girls, they make the mundane into a magical adventure. However its become apparent in the last six month that Hope is more than ready to spend time with her peers in preparation for school and so after waving goodbye and tearing myself away i come to find myself stood in the carpark searching my pockets for a tissue and having a little cry. If  I'm honest i feel a little cheated, where were the tears and the hugs? That beautiful little creature that i made and have nurtured for the past almost three years smiled at me kissed my cheek wrapped her arms round my neck and said love you, mummys always come back and off she went without a backwards glance. Part of me was so proud of this confident contented little human so sure that her mummy was coming back and it definatly made it much easier to leave her but the other part felt like i was no longer as needed and i caught a little glimpse into the future when my girl wouldnt need me as much. Like a lot of things with kiddos it was bittersweet. So i squared my shoulders blew my nose and went home to my other little lady and come pick up time you bet i was there half an hour early egar to get in and feel her sweet breath on my face as she ran into my arms and kissed my face squealing mama came back. This girl of mine is so excited everyday to get to playschool but equally excited to see her mama and tell me all about her morning at play. So the days have been a little easier and we have fell into our new routine but as she trots infront of me bursting to get to nursery in the morning i take a deep breath and remind myself that its only nursery not university and while i have her i will cherish every moment for before i know it off she will be full of confidence that her mama will always come back no matter how big she gets.

All ready for nursery.

come on mummy lets go!

Monday, 20 January 2014

Night-time routine and the gro-clock (a review)

"Time for bed" said mummy, "in your bed" was the reply from the little huggables lips. And so it begins. Our bed time routine.
Let me start by saying Hope has always been a fabulous sleeper and up until recently we have more or less in our own way co-slept. Go ahead let the judging begin, its dangerous, you should'nt do it, rod for your own back all that kind of thing I've heard it all before and whilst in your opinion it may be a rod for my back i would ask those people of the judgemental kind to please remove the rod from your bum and refrain from casting opinion on other mothers who do what is best for their kiddos. (ok rant over lol)
Our co-sleeping didnt start out that way Hope slept in a moses basket until to big and then in a cot which started off in her own room. She caught quite a bad cold that was quite drawn out and so as she would only settle with me we moved her cot into our room. We probably could have moved her back into her room but as a first time mummy I was a little obsessed with cot death and her breathing so in our room she stayed. Yes she spends time in our bed she would fall asleep there and come in there in the mornings early hours and sometimes spend the night if it was just me in bed. We the moved house and again she went in her own room but then caught chicken pox and wanted to spend the nights with me so we moved her bed into with us against our bed and there she has stayed. Once i was pregnant with our newest girlie we made the decision that she really should be in her room now. So we came up with a plan (which promptly went out the window once she began spending some nights at marmars and then when i was in hospital) the last two weeks have been fab though. We were given a gro clock from uncle dimon and so two weeks ago on monday i took hope to her bedroom before her bath and showed her the new bedtime corner. I explained that the clock tells us when its night time and when its morning and that when its blue its time to stay in bed (her bed) and when its yellow you can get up or come in mummies bed. I also explained her bedtime box which is a hot box that every night before bath we pick pjs a story and teddy and they sit in there till we go to bed. Hope seemed really excited about it and so when after her bath and drink of tea downstairs i said "bedtime" this time the reply was "in my bed"!

The clock is really easy to set up and the parents can set whatever time they want for wake up time and can also be set for day time naps. It comes with a little story about a pig who is always grumpy and tired because he doesnt sleep at night. This kind of starts to explain the clock to the child and Hope enjoyed pointing out the animals and asking did they stay in bed.
you may also notice polly the dolly in the box my little doll ive had since being 2 months old and who now helps Hope to sleep.

We decided to set the clock to change to yellow/sun at 2am the first night then every other night increase it by an hour so that without realising it Hope was staying in her bed longer and longer. 
Having said this by the third night hope was staying in her bed till almost 4am before coming into ours for a few hours.
Yes we have had ups and downs and some nights are better than others but it seems to be working for us really well so far.
Another feature of the clock is the sun rays or at night time little stars around the face which fade as the time passes so the child can see how long?how many stars are left till they can get up. Something Hope doesnt really understand yet but would be great for older kids. It also acts as a night light too which i love and has a lock button so little fingers cant press the buttons and mess with settings.
The design of it is really kid friendly too.

For us i think part of what makes this clock so successful is that it makes the child feel independent and like they are more in control of their own bedtime etc rather than being told and made to sleep etc. We have even had nights when Hope has seen the clock is blue and said oh look its bedtime, choosing to jump into bed with a drink of tea and a story.
I would say the clock has been a great aid in our establishing a bed time routine and would recommend it to anyone with toddlers stuggling at night.
Yes it isnt perfect yet but our routine isnt stressful, i do not send my child to bed in tears, there is no power struggle and stress, she doesnt go to bed with a heavy heart and neither do I because i had to fight to put her there, and while yes i stay there until she is really dozy for us this just works.
I have to say i do miss the little warm person snuggled up to me all night because im all to aware that she is growing up (way to fast) and is no longer a baby but a little girl, but in a bittersweet way im so proud of my little lady from co-sleeper to independent lady in a princess bed of her own!

(please be aware i was not paid for this review it is purely my opinion and one i fancied sharing with others)

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Baby Bee - a Burts Bee Review

A very good friend who obviously knows me very well bought us a huge basket of gifts to welcome our littlest girl into the world included in this was the Burts Bees baby bee sweet memories and keepsake box {oh Emma you know my loves}as i use their products myself i thought this for my bambino was just genuis. During pregnancy i used the mama bee butter and i got one tiny stretch mark from my bigger baby and nothing more with the tiny one so i can recommend that too. Now that baby girl is here i am putting the products for her to the test and i have to say they are just as fab as the adult one. The giftset includes..
- baby bee soap
- baby bee oil
- baby bee diaper cream
- baby bee shampoo and wash
- and the classic lotion
all presented in a fab box which you can insert a photo in and use as a keepsake box.
Firstly let me say the smell is devine it makes me want to eat up the littles even more and also relaxes them before bedtime {always a plus point}. The lotion and especially the oil for us has been amazing as Greta had dry skin from being in the ventilator it cleared up any flaking in a day or too and the oil will last us forever as a tiny bit goes a long way. The shampoo/wash is also great it doesnt dry the skin and it leaves my babys crazy dark mop lovely and soft and shiny with no greasy residue. i found with some baby shampoos the next day her hair seems oily/greasy but have found this isnt the case with burts bees. Now the star in this box for me has to be the diaper cream it doesnt feel as heavy as other brands it wasnt a pain to get off my hands infact it probably moisturised them ha ha. This stuff smells gorgeous and clears up the tiniest bit of redness within hours leaving that behind truley as smooth as a babies butt and just so peachy. Its now a must have in my nappy bag for sure. The box is also a lovely little addition and somewhere to keep those tiny hospital bands and first curls without looking to baby cutesy.
So as you can see i would recommend this to anyone either for yourself or as a lovely thoughtful gift.
Burts bee's you have done it again, another fantastic product.

Please note i was not paid for this review i simply wanted to share my views on a fabulous gift x

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The Littlest Girlie - Two Months

Time seems to be flying by and before i know it its time to do another monthly update!
Could someone please pass the memo onto father time that id like to keep my little girlies teeny for just a bit longer!

well on with the job in hand...
Milk - She is still much the same very settled in her feeding routine and settled inbetween although this week there has been little squeals when the bottle is all gone so we have added another ounce to make 6 in total. sometimes its to much other its just enough.

Sleep - out for the count anytime between half eleven and half twelve at night and thats it to morning time unless a wet nappy occurs or she is a little sick as she doesnt like wet and cold but then again who does!
awake more inbetween feds though so not as much day time sleep.

Routine - Our relaxed routine is going well and we start baby massage this week so that will be part of our weekly getting out and about routine also with big sister started play school this week or nest we can get out even more.Fridays tend to be the day we walk up to see marmar and daddad and you enjoy this as you get some fresh air followed by plenty of cuddles! the park is also part of our weekly routine {weather permitting}the fresh air knocks you out for a good few hours after a visit there!

Milestones - being more alert you have started to show interest in your chair and play gym. you know can hold your head up to nosey for a remarkably long time especially when chatting to mama. Proper smiles are the best achievement and also loving bathtime now although you have always loved having your hair washed just like your sister.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Sisters Big and Little {Siblings}

One of the bloggers that i first started following and inspired me a lot was Lucy over at beautiful boy . This year after a very successful me and mine project last year Lucy has set up sort of branches of this concept, one being siblings which im proud to say here at Hopes heritage we will be taking part in. why not join us? Lucy also has me and mine and me and you projects running too! what a busy bee!

So here it is our first siblings post ever!! This was a little shoot i did with the girlies a week before christmas for our cards this year. It didnt exactly go to plan as my big boy camera just went a bit dolally so these were just snapped on my iphone but i love them so much.

Hope is still very new to being a big sister as our littlest girl is just 8 weeks old {5 weeks in the photo}but so far i think my girls will be the best of friends. We get asked a lot how Hope is with her and Im always so proud when i say fab! but she really is, theres lots of cuddles going on and plenty of hand holding and mama shes my baby isnt she?i love her shes so cute being said. New baby smiles are the best and those silent movie giggles which seem to be saved for when big sister sings songs are happening now and while its still barely a month into the new year and im only 8 weeks into being a mama to sisters I have to say its the best, i couldnt be happier and more importantly the huggable is over the moon to finally have a sibling!

dear beautiful

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

The girlies wardrobe - the littlest lady's outfit

I just love kiddos fashion so here on my blog we are taking a little peak into both my ladies wardrobes. Today is the turn of the littlest lady who is usually found rocking a little baby grow as she seems so tiny I think outfits age her lol. 
Today though she's looking rather cool in her little h&m Rolling Stones ensemble. I'm sure it's for little boys but hey we rock unisex over here!!

She even has the whole rock n roll dummy going on. 

Sunday, 5 January 2014

The littlest girlie - one month

Well here you are a whole month old already! Where did that time go?
Well at the time I'm writing this your almost 7 weeks old so mama is a bit behind already but at least I getting it down. So here goes your first update...

Milk - well your a little guzzler! We put you on hungry baby milk at three weeks old as you were so hungry and you haven't looked back. Your taking five ounces every four hours though you tend to feed three hourly in the evening then go around seven hours overnight. It's such a change from being in special care and them trying to get you to take so much milk you really didn't want to. 

Sleep - just like huggable sleep comes easy. Plenty in between feeds although you are awake and alert more now. Nighttime is fab with a stretch if at least 7 hours. 

Routine - we really do need to get more into a weekly routine but with Christmas and new year out days have been filled with shopping snuggling and lots of festivities and family time although your routine for feeds only varies slightly your a three seven eleven kinda gal!
Hopefully soon there will be more weekly baby group routines. 

Milestones - sleeping through the night and smiles with little silent giggles are your big achievements. I love that gummy little smile you show mama just when it's needed most and the silent movie laughs your big sister seems to get from you xx

Thursday, 2 January 2014

A fond farewell to 2013

Well 2013 you have been amazing, a blast, awesome but it's time to bid you a farewell a very fond one but farewell none the less.
2013 the year that started off with  the huggable one making her screen debut in bbc's The Village she also celebrated her second birthday and shortly after we des covered she would be a big sister within the year! We had lots of fun especially as the year began with lots of snow and we also saw plenty of sun this spring/summer. We watched mummy's belly grow and made plans for the winter months. Huggable got a proper big girl room complete with princess bed and the finally as Christmas approached we welcomed our littlest lady into the world (who would have guessed another girl!) to complete our family of a foursome. We have enjoyed a lovely family filled Christmas and now after celebrating New Year's Eve together we look forward to 2014! Bring on the fun!!