Thursday, 2 January 2014

A fond farewell to 2013

Well 2013 you have been amazing, a blast, awesome but it's time to bid you a farewell a very fond one but farewell none the less.
2013 the year that started off with  the huggable one making her screen debut in bbc's The Village she also celebrated her second birthday and shortly after we des covered she would be a big sister within the year! We had lots of fun especially as the year began with lots of snow and we also saw plenty of sun this spring/summer. We watched mummy's belly grow and made plans for the winter months. Huggable got a proper big girl room complete with princess bed and the finally as Christmas approached we welcomed our littlest lady into the world (who would have guessed another girl!) to complete our family of a foursome. We have enjoyed a lovely family filled Christmas and now after celebrating New Year's Eve together we look forward to 2014! Bring on the fun!!

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