Thursday, 16 January 2014

Baby Bee - a Burts Bee Review

A very good friend who obviously knows me very well bought us a huge basket of gifts to welcome our littlest girl into the world included in this was the Burts Bees baby bee sweet memories and keepsake box {oh Emma you know my loves}as i use their products myself i thought this for my bambino was just genuis. During pregnancy i used the mama bee butter and i got one tiny stretch mark from my bigger baby and nothing more with the tiny one so i can recommend that too. Now that baby girl is here i am putting the products for her to the test and i have to say they are just as fab as the adult one. The giftset includes..
- baby bee soap
- baby bee oil
- baby bee diaper cream
- baby bee shampoo and wash
- and the classic lotion
all presented in a fab box which you can insert a photo in and use as a keepsake box.
Firstly let me say the smell is devine it makes me want to eat up the littles even more and also relaxes them before bedtime {always a plus point}. The lotion and especially the oil for us has been amazing as Greta had dry skin from being in the ventilator it cleared up any flaking in a day or too and the oil will last us forever as a tiny bit goes a long way. The shampoo/wash is also great it doesnt dry the skin and it leaves my babys crazy dark mop lovely and soft and shiny with no greasy residue. i found with some baby shampoos the next day her hair seems oily/greasy but have found this isnt the case with burts bees. Now the star in this box for me has to be the diaper cream it doesnt feel as heavy as other brands it wasnt a pain to get off my hands infact it probably moisturised them ha ha. This stuff smells gorgeous and clears up the tiniest bit of redness within hours leaving that behind truley as smooth as a babies butt and just so peachy. Its now a must have in my nappy bag for sure. The box is also a lovely little addition and somewhere to keep those tiny hospital bands and first curls without looking to baby cutesy.
So as you can see i would recommend this to anyone either for yourself or as a lovely thoughtful gift.
Burts bee's you have done it again, another fantastic product.

Please note i was not paid for this review i simply wanted to share my views on a fabulous gift x

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