Monday, 20 January 2014

Night-time routine and the gro-clock (a review)

"Time for bed" said mummy, "in your bed" was the reply from the little huggables lips. And so it begins. Our bed time routine.
Let me start by saying Hope has always been a fabulous sleeper and up until recently we have more or less in our own way co-slept. Go ahead let the judging begin, its dangerous, you should'nt do it, rod for your own back all that kind of thing I've heard it all before and whilst in your opinion it may be a rod for my back i would ask those people of the judgemental kind to please remove the rod from your bum and refrain from casting opinion on other mothers who do what is best for their kiddos. (ok rant over lol)
Our co-sleeping didnt start out that way Hope slept in a moses basket until to big and then in a cot which started off in her own room. She caught quite a bad cold that was quite drawn out and so as she would only settle with me we moved her cot into our room. We probably could have moved her back into her room but as a first time mummy I was a little obsessed with cot death and her breathing so in our room she stayed. Yes she spends time in our bed she would fall asleep there and come in there in the mornings early hours and sometimes spend the night if it was just me in bed. We the moved house and again she went in her own room but then caught chicken pox and wanted to spend the nights with me so we moved her bed into with us against our bed and there she has stayed. Once i was pregnant with our newest girlie we made the decision that she really should be in her room now. So we came up with a plan (which promptly went out the window once she began spending some nights at marmars and then when i was in hospital) the last two weeks have been fab though. We were given a gro clock from uncle dimon and so two weeks ago on monday i took hope to her bedroom before her bath and showed her the new bedtime corner. I explained that the clock tells us when its night time and when its morning and that when its blue its time to stay in bed (her bed) and when its yellow you can get up or come in mummies bed. I also explained her bedtime box which is a hot box that every night before bath we pick pjs a story and teddy and they sit in there till we go to bed. Hope seemed really excited about it and so when after her bath and drink of tea downstairs i said "bedtime" this time the reply was "in my bed"!

The clock is really easy to set up and the parents can set whatever time they want for wake up time and can also be set for day time naps. It comes with a little story about a pig who is always grumpy and tired because he doesnt sleep at night. This kind of starts to explain the clock to the child and Hope enjoyed pointing out the animals and asking did they stay in bed.
you may also notice polly the dolly in the box my little doll ive had since being 2 months old and who now helps Hope to sleep.

We decided to set the clock to change to yellow/sun at 2am the first night then every other night increase it by an hour so that without realising it Hope was staying in her bed longer and longer. 
Having said this by the third night hope was staying in her bed till almost 4am before coming into ours for a few hours.
Yes we have had ups and downs and some nights are better than others but it seems to be working for us really well so far.
Another feature of the clock is the sun rays or at night time little stars around the face which fade as the time passes so the child can see how long?how many stars are left till they can get up. Something Hope doesnt really understand yet but would be great for older kids. It also acts as a night light too which i love and has a lock button so little fingers cant press the buttons and mess with settings.
The design of it is really kid friendly too.

For us i think part of what makes this clock so successful is that it makes the child feel independent and like they are more in control of their own bedtime etc rather than being told and made to sleep etc. We have even had nights when Hope has seen the clock is blue and said oh look its bedtime, choosing to jump into bed with a drink of tea and a story.
I would say the clock has been a great aid in our establishing a bed time routine and would recommend it to anyone with toddlers stuggling at night.
Yes it isnt perfect yet but our routine isnt stressful, i do not send my child to bed in tears, there is no power struggle and stress, she doesnt go to bed with a heavy heart and neither do I because i had to fight to put her there, and while yes i stay there until she is really dozy for us this just works.
I have to say i do miss the little warm person snuggled up to me all night because im all to aware that she is growing up (way to fast) and is no longer a baby but a little girl, but in a bittersweet way im so proud of my little lady from co-sleeper to independent lady in a princess bed of her own!

(please be aware i was not paid for this review it is purely my opinion and one i fancied sharing with others)

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