Sunday, 5 January 2014

The littlest girlie - one month

Well here you are a whole month old already! Where did that time go?
Well at the time I'm writing this your almost 7 weeks old so mama is a bit behind already but at least I getting it down. So here goes your first update...

Milk - well your a little guzzler! We put you on hungry baby milk at three weeks old as you were so hungry and you haven't looked back. Your taking five ounces every four hours though you tend to feed three hourly in the evening then go around seven hours overnight. It's such a change from being in special care and them trying to get you to take so much milk you really didn't want to. 

Sleep - just like huggable sleep comes easy. Plenty in between feeds although you are awake and alert more now. Nighttime is fab with a stretch if at least 7 hours. 

Routine - we really do need to get more into a weekly routine but with Christmas and new year out days have been filled with shopping snuggling and lots of festivities and family time although your routine for feeds only varies slightly your a three seven eleven kinda gal!
Hopefully soon there will be more weekly baby group routines. 

Milestones - sleeping through the night and smiles with little silent giggles are your big achievements. I love that gummy little smile you show mama just when it's needed most and the silent movie laughs your big sister seems to get from you xx

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