Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The Littlest Girlie - Two Months

Time seems to be flying by and before i know it its time to do another monthly update!
Could someone please pass the memo onto father time that id like to keep my little girlies teeny for just a bit longer!

well on with the job in hand...
Milk - She is still much the same very settled in her feeding routine and settled inbetween although this week there has been little squeals when the bottle is all gone so we have added another ounce to make 6 in total. sometimes its to much other its just enough.

Sleep - out for the count anytime between half eleven and half twelve at night and thats it to morning time unless a wet nappy occurs or she is a little sick as she doesnt like wet and cold but then again who does!
awake more inbetween feds though so not as much day time sleep.

Routine - Our relaxed routine is going well and we start baby massage this week so that will be part of our weekly getting out and about routine also with big sister started play school this week or nest we can get out even more.Fridays tend to be the day we walk up to see marmar and daddad and you enjoy this as you get some fresh air followed by plenty of cuddles! the park is also part of our weekly routine {weather permitting}the fresh air knocks you out for a good few hours after a visit there!

Milestones - being more alert you have started to show interest in your chair and play gym. you know can hold your head up to nosey for a remarkably long time especially when chatting to mama. Proper smiles are the best achievement and also loving bathtime now although you have always loved having your hair washed just like your sister.


  1. Sounds like its going really well. Time flies doesn't it, enjoy every second! x x

  2. She's beautiful! I love her outfit! x

  3. it really is gemma although in some repects its easier second time round i wish the time would just go slower for a little while though. Thanks Katie, her outfit was a gift its from george at asda and super cute!