Thursday, 6 February 2014

The Littlest Girlie - Three Months

Three months old, 12 weeks, 84 whole days!

Milk - Still on 6 ounces of hungry baby Apitimel and guzzling it all down. A though after having bronchilitis last week feeds have been a bit up and down.

Sleep - A full nights rest is always had in our house from half ten till 7-7:30am we can be found snug and warm catching some Z's. Again will being ill it was a snuffly night with occasional snuffly wakes but nothing stops the shut eye of my girls!ha

Routine - Relaxed routine works best in our house and our weekly visits to baby massage are going well. Bathtime routine has become more enjoyable too with the odd mama/baby shared bath which causes plenty of giggles. We are getting out in the fresh air more when its not raining and the fresh air is always a big hit!

Milestones - This month smiles have become the expression of choice and its like music to my ears to hear that tiny voice being discovered. Gurgles and coos wake me up and my favourite sound has to be the softly sighed "yehhh" or thats how it sounds to me. Prompting many questions from mama just to giggle at this response.Rather bittersweet is the progession from babygorws to actually fitting in outfits. Whilst i love picking outfits and dresses out for the girlies theres something just so snuggly and gorgeous about a newborn in a babygrow and for the next few weeks while i can get away with it in babygrows she shall be!!

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  1. Oh my good grief how absolutely adorable!! I love all of these vintage inspired prints!! x