Saturday, 8 March 2014

Little details of littlest ladies nook

My girls are growing like weeds and whilst the biggest little girl has her own room, not that she sleeps there every night but as our current home is two beds it means the bambino of the fam has more of a nook in our room. Perfect for now but later this year we are moving into the smaller room n the ladies get our big room. Before we redecorate I wanted to snap some of the wee details in the nook. 

Before little G lady was born it was all very neutral and basic

Colour has started to arrive and though I'm not a baby pink kinda gal it seems that Greta is. It just looks so much like her. I'm still not allowing cutesy cutesy though. Sorry baby. 

What is it about the bright little details in a  child's room that makes you smile?

So there you have it a little peak at little details. Bit of a none post really but there you have it haha x

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