Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The Littlest Girlie - Sixteen weeks!

Sixteen weeks already since this little bundle of love came into our lives. Four whole months since i had bambino kicking and wiggling in my belly. Crazy.

And now we have this chubby creature brightening our days!

Milk - The past month you have been a milk monster and jumped from 6 to 8 ounces of hungry baby milk which gets guzzled down. The odd suck on a rusk has happened which you seem to enjoy but we are not ready for weaning just yet.

Sleep - Not much to report really. Those baby blues close just after 10pm most night 11 at the lastest and stay that way till just after 7am when i hear some lovely singing and gurgles coming from the moses basket.

Routine - Our weekly routine is starting to get most established as with the sunshine comes fresh air and plenty of walks. Thursdays are baby massage and group days and fridays are marmar and daddad afternoons. We are going to the park more after picking up Hope from nursery. Bedtime and bath routine are good times as my girls both seem to be little water babies.

Milestones - Bumbo and tummy time are going down great guns as is the baby gym and playmat. Grip and touch has been coming along to with a princess doll establishing its place as the firm favourite - the woollen hair seems to be a texture thats much enjoyed by this wee gal. Theres some gripping of toys going on and definate focus with extended fingers but still a bit young for reaching out yet.
Gummy smiles are plenty and the odd squealy giggle which comes as a surprise the coos and gurgles that makes up baby vocab and becoming more frequent and complex so mama convos are regular parts of the day now.

that my dear is that for another month at least. Until next time x


  1. How cool does she look in her Bumbo?! That's quite a pose :-) Gorgeous little girl x

    1. i know! totally chilling! i promise i didnt pose her either!

  2. Aww she's just so cute - and getting so big already!

    1. oh yes 14lb 7oz of gorgeousness! i cant believe how she has blossomed from my wee baby covered in wires to this big chubby gummy grinning girlie!