Monday, 14 April 2014

Playtime (siblings)

April siblings link up already?
this months images is of one of the few times my girls have played together. So far with little lady G still being a teeny baby there hasnt been to much of this, though the huggable one does try its more of a watch me for three minutes before i get bored of you not joining in kinda situation. This time i actually got a rare hot cup of tea while Hope should the littlest girlie how to build a tower and knock it down which was obviously the best thing ever as Greta let out little squeals each time so the game lasted just long enough for mama to knock back a tetleys! Aaaahhh bliss!

Head on over to Lucys blog and join in the siblings project.

dear beautiful


  1. Ah watching them when they start playing together really is the best thing! And the way the younger one looks up to their sibling like they are the funniest person in the whole world, Cherry can crack J up just by making a silly sound! x

  2. Aww she's being such a good big sister! It's so funny how when it's the first, their best smiles are for you, when it's the second the best smiles all go to big sister!!