Tuesday, 22 April 2014

The Littlest Girlie - Twenty Weeks Old Update

Ok so we are a little bit late with this update as it should have been up on the 4th of April! So technically we are now in week 23...Anywhoooo

Milk - I suppose this should say food also as this month we started trying bits! As always the milk feeding is going swimmingly (my little milk monster) but now at the second feed of the day we now have a bit of puree or rusk. We call it elevensies. So far strawberries and apples and banana and apples have gone down well carrots were enjoyed and a mix with sweet potatoes and pumpkin have been tried. Big sister also thinks its kind to share so a few little licks of a chocolate finger or yoghurt have been had. (lets not mention the retrieving of popcorn and cheerios from that little mouth shall we?)

Sleep - Much the same really with plenty of shut eye being had through the night. Naps seems to have changed though ad are starting to get shorter in the morning but then a big one in the afternoon unless out in the buggy.

Routine - Weekly routine is well established now with Thursdays being massage days then lunch at nanas and sundays we go to church with dadad in preparation for the christening. Friday afternoons are usually spent at marmar and dadads too after picking huggable up from nursery. When its not raining we try to go out for a walk or to the park often too.
Daily routine is quite relaxed apart from things like feed time we just go witrh the flow and bath routine is every other night which is enjoyed lots.

Milestones - Well the first ride in the "big girl maclaren" was had and when down with much aplomb. Being a nosey little madam front facing seems to agree with Lady G with Huggable she liked to see me much more.
A couple of rolls have happened though these were all on one day (about 5 in total) but nothing since and we are sitting up and doing tummy time more when playing. That singing voice is coming along to with the funniest of sounds in the vocab being on that sounds like a pirate saying aarrggh and a very high pitched squeal when excited. 

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