Tuesday, 20 May 2014

So are you a hippy?

Recently as i wandered the aisles of my local supermarket with Lady G snug to my chest in our sakura bloom sling and the Huggable one holding my hand tight a lady approached me to look at the girls. This happens daily and I fequently find myself talking to strangers about my lovely littles. This lady looked a little concerned as Greta smiled from her sling and asked "dont you have a pram?" i told her actually we have four at the moment but that I like my baby in the sling and I find it easier with the toddler, still looking some what confused she says "well I bet this one (meaning Huggable) doesnt leave you alone" I replied that shes such a good girl and a great big sister and very snuggly mentioning that we co-sleep the woman then looks at me like this is the most ridiculous thing shes ever heard and says "oh so are you like a hippy?!
I kid you not thats what I was asked! Am I a hippy?!
I replied that I just love my kids incredibly and if that makes me a hippy then I guess so. She was'nt really rude or anything more confused and we smiled while we chatted but I came away laughing to myself and thinking when did doing what comes naturally as a parent get you labelled?
I suppose for people of a certain age the ways I parent would seem "hippy" but I think thats down to when they first began being researched and practiced in the 70s not necessarily for any other reason than when they were parents themselves this wasnt considered mainstream and that it was for free loving hippies!
I take no offence at any of this, i will happily explain the whys and what fores with any one who asks and have a discussion with anybody. What I do take offence at however are the rude think they know betters, the ones who tell me I'm ruining my children that I'm hurting my baby by wearing her in a sling and not one of those nice "proper" carriers, the ones who say its a rod for my back or my children wont know how to be independent or will be soft. To those people i want to say shove your opinion for thats all it is, an opinion and its yours. Your entitled to it of course but please dont be offended if I tell you it means very little to me and has no impact on my life. Thank you for sharing but please keep it to yourself. I find with being a parent you get judged for anything little things like putting a blue hat on your baby girl or using a dummy. I try really hard to not judge anybody especially other parents. Sometimes thats hard when you see something you really dont agree with but it isnt my place to pass comment. When you parent in a way that goes against all the leaflets and guidence your given when pregnant you open yourself up for ridicule but the best way Ive found is to smile and let it wash over you unless its something extremely rude. For the most part people arent commenting to be nasty its just lack of knowledge.
My choices of parenting werent ones that i made before my girls were born I had read about attachment parenting and yes I will admit it at the time it all seemed very strict rules and dancing naked to the moon but once my girls came along I did what came naturally to me. My eldest co-sleeps and we all get a good nights sleep and are happy and content, as yet the baby doesnt as I dont feel its safe with Hope in the bed not being aware of the baby but if she wants to get in as shes older then so be it. I wear my baby as i did with Hope not because i dislike prams (heck i have pram cupboard to rival carries shoe room) but because its comfy and comforting, its much more practical in some situations and the theroies behind it just resonate with me. I love having them so close and my kiddos are such content little creatures because of how we are with them. I think attatchment parenting and other practices are like religion and you should cherry pick bits from it that either ring true with you or work for you. I dont breast feed I never have and nor will i go the extremes of getting rid of my prams or pre-chewing food for the girls so no I'm not a hard core attachment parent I have and will try cloth nappies and will continue to co-sleep and baby wear as long as it works for us and when it no longer does then we will go with the flow.

Am I strict attachment parent? No but i am extremely attached to my kiddos.

Yep she looks so uncomfy right?

No up and down nights for us

Putting our best babywearing foot forward

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Happy half a year lady G!!

On Friday my littlest lady was a whole six months old. I'm still trying to get my head around half her first year being gone already it's like I just had her!! 
In honor of this we tried a little cake smashing. 

What a big girl you are my beautiful Greta Rose but please please stay my baby just a bit longer xxx

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Sew crafty - quick and easy dolly mei tai carrier

If you dont know I am  baby wearer. I started with a wrap and now have a ring sling too whilst lusting after a few more. Recently the Huggable one wanted to wear her dolly too so we tried out a scarf but it wasnt comfy at all so mama decided to whip one up. I had a good look on the net at different types and thought the easiest to sew for me and for the girlie to play with would be a mei tai variety. So armed with some zebra print cotton and my trusty sewing machine we got our sew on! I thought I'd share it with you all.

Step 1 -
Cut strips of fabric to make straps and seat
2x waist straps 3 inches wide and 16 inches long
2x shoulder straps 3 inches wide and 32 inches long
1x rectangle for seat 15 inches wide and 36 inches long
You then need to fold the strap pieces in half length wise with the good side facing in and the seat in half width wise. Like this

Step 2-
Take your straps and sew around three sides leaving either the top or bottom open. Then using a knitting needle turn the straps right way round.

 Your pieces should now look like this.

 Step 3- Now it gets a little confusing.Open out your seat and at the top corners place the open/unfinished ends of your long straps and loop them like this.

 Step 4 - Take the waist straps and lay the unfinished ends in the side corners of the middle or at your fold if your pressed your fabric. You should now have something that looks like this.

 Step 5 - Gather the loose ends of your straps and pin in a bunch at the centre like this

 Step 6 - Fold the other half of your seat up over the straps and leaving a gap around your bunch of straps sew all around.

Step 7 - Turn everything all the right way round and your straps should now be attached in corners and you should have a small opening like this. Simple sew all around your seat closing this.

Step 8 - Now sew a large cross over your seat for a bit more stability.

Step 9 - Get your pj clad toddler to model! You simply tie the waist bands around your child above the bum and form a cross on the back using the shoulder straps bringing them under the armpits and then tie under dollys bum on your childs belly.

The back should look like this.

Next enjoy a lovely walk with your toddler without struggling with toy buggies etc

I hope you enjoyed it, let me know if you try it!

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Beats While She Eats - Week One

Beats while she eats is a new project I'm starting primarily over on instagram #beatswhilesheeats but I plan on doing weekly round ups in blogposts too.

It originally was for weaning mamas but then I thought I would love meal inspiration for Hope to so feel free to join in no matter what your kids age, there will be a seperate post with all the details on if you want to find out more.
This is how last weeks beats while she eats looked for us

Monday/Tuesday -

Lunch - Organic root veg medley from marks and spencers Tiny Taste Buds range
Pudding - Milky bar tiny treats pot
Music - Basille Bad Blood album (we especially love Fire and Icarus for dancing too)


could she open her mouth any wider?

Wednesday/Thursday -

Lunch - Spinach, apples and swedes from Ellas Kitchen
Pudding - Peach, apple, blueberry and raspberry from HIPP Organic
Music - Kings of Leon (mamas personal favorite) Only by the night album
what thats it?

Friday/Saturday -

Lunch - Broccoli, peas and pears Ellas Kitchen
Pudding - Mashed banana
Switch -Really yummy rice pudding with mangoes and apples Ellas Kitchen
Music - Florence and the Machine Lungs
not feeling that banana mama

we substituted the banana for this which went down much better.

Sundays we usually try her on what we are having or we could be out.

I hope you join in on instagram my feed can be found there too and happy weaning mamas x

Beats while she eats -A weaning adventure

Baby led? purees? finger foods? organic? jars? homemade?
It's all a bit of a confused crazy debate. Theres so many views and guidelines, advice from plenty of people on what you should do all with studies and research to back it up but really what it all boils down to is doing what you think is right for your baby when you and they are ready and starting the process of weaning them from milk either bottle or breast and onto proper foods. It can be really daunting especially if your a first time mama but theres so much fun to be had too. So with this in mind Ive decided to start a little project called

Everyday at lunchtime my girls sit down at the table or in her chair and we put some music on while we have our lunch it can be anything from Madonna to Mozart and we chat and sing and enjoy our lunch together. The girls usually giggle while mama dances away while washing the pops and Huggable tells Lady G about all the thing she has done at nursery and they eat their meals. We tend to change the cd every other day so that the get to listen to it all over two days and also because Greta only has half a pouch/jar each day so her meal is the same as the day before. Its really good to see how they react to different music and especially funny when Hope sings along like to Bastilles fire!
I thought it might be a good project to share with others as it could also help us all with meal inspiration so im starting it up on instagram with the hashtag above, feel free to join in your more than welcome even if your past the weaning stage and we can see how it grows. I will also be doing it as a feature on my blog weekly.
If you fancy doing a blog link up let me know it could be fun.

So lets make meal times fun with #beatswhilesheeats

The Littlest Girlie - 26 weeks update

How? Honestly how did she get to 26 weeks already? I know I'm a couple of days early as technically its friday which is the big 6 month day but still, When did it happen? I'm sure I was watching but I really dont see where my teeny little bambino has gone. Instead there seems to be this gorgeous six month old {yep SIX MONTHS}bouncing baby girl.
                                                     And what a little butterball she is!

peek a boo i see you!

Milk/Food - Still going great guns with this. Breakfast consists of a rusk which is refused if made wet but happily gummed if left in biscuit form or some baby breckie from Ella's Kitchen followed but milk, still Aptimel hungry baby. Lunch is a main meal either home made or once again the fabulous Ella's Kitchen first foods range followed by a pudding of fruit puree or a mini yoghurt then a little rest and milk after. As yet we dont do tea so its just milk feeds from lunch time on. So far she has loved everything apart from mashed banana she really disliked that but it may be the texture.
Speaking of food Lady G got her weigh on and shes a lovely chubby 18lb 8oz!

Sleep - As ever a fab little sleeper however we are going in a big baby girl cot this week after the carry cot finally got to small. Lady G had started to wake at 3am{!}to play I think because she was a little cramped and was having great fun running her hands along the fabric or scratching it!! So not fun!

Routine - Still sticking by our relaxed daytime routine as its what works best for us our weekly routine has been seeing a bit of a change up though as we made some lovely mummy and baby friends so have been meeting up lots and trying other things like a sling group and also we start water babies this friday.

Milestones - Huge milestones this month Lady G now says "Dada" and this week she has started to shout "OP Op" after her sister. She has said "Mama" a handful of times but as i squealed when i heard her she wont say it again. My theroy is she doesnt need to shout me as I'm always there.(whatever you need to believe mama lol). Greta loves to stand up and spends time in her bouncer playing which is her favorite place to be as she gets to see all the goings on. The rolling is coming on lots to with front to back more or less down now and sitting with help is happening too.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Spring Showers (siblings)

We had something else planned for our siblings photos this month but with the weather not really making its mind up it kind of never happened. Lets just say we took a rain check as i still plan on doing that shoot.
May already?! April ended with two special ladies birthdays and the christening of our sweet Greta Rose and May began with a special fellas birthday the odd day of sunshine but plenty of rain! My girls have been getting their wear out of these gorgeous yellow rain coats thats for sure. We have had gents asking us if we sell fishermans friend and an old lady called Huggable Captain which she loved. Hopefully the sun will come out this month.

If you like the idea of joining in with this project hosted by the lovely Lucy of dear beautiful boy head on over to her blog and check out the other fab bloggers joining in. Its a great excuse to get photos at least once a month of your babies together.

dear beautiful

Friday, 2 May 2014

Adventures in baby wearing.

Baby wearing - the practice of of carrying an infant or child in a sling or some form of carrier.
Literally wearing your baby.
And I love it! So much. Coming from a self confessed pramaholic its a big endorsment but trust me when I say baby wearing is the best. My babywearing journey started three years ago with the birth of the Huggable one and the arrival in the post of a pink stretchy wrap. I watched a few youtube tutorials and was hooked. I didnt do for to long to be honest i didnt really know anyone else who did and the pram obsession kind of took over but if we were nipping out or a fancied a walk Huggable would be there like a little joey in my pouch. I had no idea about sling libraries or group I just enjoyed having my girl so close and exploring with her. Almost six months ago little lady G arrived and soon after a placed her teeny tushy in her first wrap cradle hold....and melted. Hope always enjoyed it but Greta just seems to have taken to it so much she even cries when I take her out these days. Lady G does seem to be the girl who needs to be close to mama  her eyes follow me around the room and she will search me out where Hope was happy in the knowledge i always returned before to long and has always been such a friendly outgoing girlie. It would seem the pram obsession has taken a slight step back to my new found sling obsession fuelled by the knowledge of groups and libraries, the beautiful images on instagram and the fact that more mamas are open to it meaning my new circle of friends all baby wear too. You do get some funny looks and people will comment, most in a nice or curious way though some will be rude telling me Im hurting my baby or she will have bandy legs but the truth of the matter is people comment on whatever you do as a parent. Ive no idea why they do but they do weather its breast or bottle co-sleeping or strict bedtime strangers all seem to have an opinion. Thats fine but none of this matters to me when im baby wearing you see my baby is right there up nest to me she feels my warm breath on her head and grasps my hand, she feels my heart beat and in return i feel hers. Our breaths become one and our eyes lock and i know i just know she feels it the love that flows from me to her, before I have time to blink she will be off at university and the days of her snuggled on my chest will be long distant memories so say what you want but I love babywearing and for now i will drink in this sweet scent of my baby as often as i can.