Friday, 2 May 2014

Adventures in baby wearing.

Baby wearing - the practice of of carrying an infant or child in a sling or some form of carrier.
Literally wearing your baby.
And I love it! So much. Coming from a self confessed pramaholic its a big endorsment but trust me when I say baby wearing is the best. My babywearing journey started three years ago with the birth of the Huggable one and the arrival in the post of a pink stretchy wrap. I watched a few youtube tutorials and was hooked. I didnt do for to long to be honest i didnt really know anyone else who did and the pram obsession kind of took over but if we were nipping out or a fancied a walk Huggable would be there like a little joey in my pouch. I had no idea about sling libraries or group I just enjoyed having my girl so close and exploring with her. Almost six months ago little lady G arrived and soon after a placed her teeny tushy in her first wrap cradle hold....and melted. Hope always enjoyed it but Greta just seems to have taken to it so much she even cries when I take her out these days. Lady G does seem to be the girl who needs to be close to mama  her eyes follow me around the room and she will search me out where Hope was happy in the knowledge i always returned before to long and has always been such a friendly outgoing girlie. It would seem the pram obsession has taken a slight step back to my new found sling obsession fuelled by the knowledge of groups and libraries, the beautiful images on instagram and the fact that more mamas are open to it meaning my new circle of friends all baby wear too. You do get some funny looks and people will comment, most in a nice or curious way though some will be rude telling me Im hurting my baby or she will have bandy legs but the truth of the matter is people comment on whatever you do as a parent. Ive no idea why they do but they do weather its breast or bottle co-sleeping or strict bedtime strangers all seem to have an opinion. Thats fine but none of this matters to me when im baby wearing you see my baby is right there up nest to me she feels my warm breath on her head and grasps my hand, she feels my heart beat and in return i feel hers. Our breaths become one and our eyes lock and i know i just know she feels it the love that flows from me to her, before I have time to blink she will be off at university and the days of her snuggled on my chest will be long distant memories so say what you want but I love babywearing and for now i will drink in this sweet scent of my baby as often as i can.

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