Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Beats while she eats -A weaning adventure

Baby led? purees? finger foods? organic? jars? homemade?
It's all a bit of a confused crazy debate. Theres so many views and guidelines, advice from plenty of people on what you should do all with studies and research to back it up but really what it all boils down to is doing what you think is right for your baby when you and they are ready and starting the process of weaning them from milk either bottle or breast and onto proper foods. It can be really daunting especially if your a first time mama but theres so much fun to be had too. So with this in mind Ive decided to start a little project called

Everyday at lunchtime my girls sit down at the table or in her chair and we put some music on while we have our lunch it can be anything from Madonna to Mozart and we chat and sing and enjoy our lunch together. The girls usually giggle while mama dances away while washing the pops and Huggable tells Lady G about all the thing she has done at nursery and they eat their meals. We tend to change the cd every other day so that the get to listen to it all over two days and also because Greta only has half a pouch/jar each day so her meal is the same as the day before. Its really good to see how they react to different music and especially funny when Hope sings along like to Bastilles fire!
I thought it might be a good project to share with others as it could also help us all with meal inspiration so im starting it up on instagram with the hashtag above, feel free to join in your more than welcome even if your past the weaning stage and we can see how it grows. I will also be doing it as a feature on my blog weekly.
If you fancy doing a blog link up let me know it could be fun.

So lets make meal times fun with #beatswhilesheeats

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