Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Beats While She Eats - Week One

Beats while she eats is a new project I'm starting primarily over on instagram #beatswhilesheeats but I plan on doing weekly round ups in blogposts too.

It originally was for weaning mamas but then I thought I would love meal inspiration for Hope to so feel free to join in no matter what your kids age, there will be a seperate post with all the details on if you want to find out more.
This is how last weeks beats while she eats looked for us

Monday/Tuesday -

Lunch - Organic root veg medley from marks and spencers Tiny Taste Buds range
Pudding - Milky bar tiny treats pot
Music - Basille Bad Blood album (we especially love Fire and Icarus for dancing too)


could she open her mouth any wider?

Wednesday/Thursday -

Lunch - Spinach, apples and swedes from Ellas Kitchen
Pudding - Peach, apple, blueberry and raspberry from HIPP Organic
Music - Kings of Leon (mamas personal favorite) Only by the night album
what thats it?

Friday/Saturday -

Lunch - Broccoli, peas and pears Ellas Kitchen
Pudding - Mashed banana
Switch -Really yummy rice pudding with mangoes and apples Ellas Kitchen
Music - Florence and the Machine Lungs
not feeling that banana mama

we substituted the banana for this which went down much better.

Sundays we usually try her on what we are having or we could be out.

I hope you join in on instagram my feed can be found there too and happy weaning mamas x

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