Sunday, 11 May 2014

Spring Showers (siblings)

We had something else planned for our siblings photos this month but with the weather not really making its mind up it kind of never happened. Lets just say we took a rain check as i still plan on doing that shoot.
May already?! April ended with two special ladies birthdays and the christening of our sweet Greta Rose and May began with a special fellas birthday the odd day of sunshine but plenty of rain! My girls have been getting their wear out of these gorgeous yellow rain coats thats for sure. We have had gents asking us if we sell fishermans friend and an old lady called Huggable Captain which she loved. Hopefully the sun will come out this month.

If you like the idea of joining in with this project hosted by the lovely Lucy of dear beautiful boy head on over to her blog and check out the other fab bloggers joining in. Its a great excuse to get photos at least once a month of your babies together.

dear beautiful


  1. How is Greta getting so big already - where on earth has all the time gone! They are gorgeous together - and they look incredibly cute in their fisherman's coats!!

    1. i know i feel like i just had her but yet its hard to remember how wee she was!thank you i love the little coats im now in search of matching yellow wellies!!