Tuesday, 13 May 2014

The Littlest Girlie - 26 weeks update

How? Honestly how did she get to 26 weeks already? I know I'm a couple of days early as technically its friday which is the big 6 month day but still, When did it happen? I'm sure I was watching but I really dont see where my teeny little bambino has gone. Instead there seems to be this gorgeous six month old {yep SIX MONTHS}bouncing baby girl.
                                                     And what a little butterball she is!

peek a boo i see you!

Milk/Food - Still going great guns with this. Breakfast consists of a rusk which is refused if made wet but happily gummed if left in biscuit form or some baby breckie from Ella's Kitchen followed but milk, still Aptimel hungry baby. Lunch is a main meal either home made or once again the fabulous Ella's Kitchen first foods range followed by a pudding of fruit puree or a mini yoghurt then a little rest and milk after. As yet we dont do tea so its just milk feeds from lunch time on. So far she has loved everything apart from mashed banana she really disliked that but it may be the texture.
Speaking of food Lady G got her weigh on and shes a lovely chubby 18lb 8oz!

Sleep - As ever a fab little sleeper however we are going in a big baby girl cot this week after the carry cot finally got to small. Lady G had started to wake at 3am{!}to play I think because she was a little cramped and was having great fun running her hands along the fabric or scratching it!! So not fun!

Routine - Still sticking by our relaxed daytime routine as its what works best for us our weekly routine has been seeing a bit of a change up though as we made some lovely mummy and baby friends so have been meeting up lots and trying other things like a sling group and also we start water babies this friday.

Milestones - Huge milestones this month Lady G now says "Dada" and this week she has started to shout "OP Op" after her sister. She has said "Mama" a handful of times but as i squealed when i heard her she wont say it again. My theroy is she doesnt need to shout me as I'm always there.(whatever you need to believe mama lol). Greta loves to stand up and spends time in her bouncer playing which is her favorite place to be as she gets to see all the goings on. The rolling is coming on lots to with front to back more or less down now and sitting with help is happening too.

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