Sunday, 29 June 2014

The Sling Diaries - An Audition

The quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger,pain without fear. Bravery.

I cant claim to know to much about courage. Ive never really had to do anything truly courageous but you hear about courage everyday. On the news in the papers even on social sites like twitter, like a young man named Stephen who though terminally ill with cancer manages to smile and raise over £3m for charity. Truly courageous. I do however think we carry courage with us every day. Especially as a mother. Before my babies I was brave for reckless silly reasons like getting a tattoo or staying the night home alone now its for my girls. During these child free days I read a story about mothers in war torn Germany that has always stuck with me. We all know the horror of whole jewish communities rounded up and taken to wooded areas never to return. The horrific terrifying knowledge of mass graves. The piece I read was about a group of women and children told to wait in such an area and slowly over the course of hours few at a time were taken and forever lost. The women were terrified and knew what was to become of them and their children but yet they smiled, they stroked cheeks, smoothed hair, held hands and told stories or sung happy songs to calm the children until none were left. Imagine it, the courage these brave souls had in their hearts to comfort and protect their offspring. Even then. 
For sure as spring flowers do bloom so does courage in the heart of a mother.

Ive watched mamas hold back tears as they hold the hands of babies to small to be real. Sat next to a plastic box that holds all my dreams and hopes and overwhelming copious amounts of love. there, in those rooms there is courage too. Huge amounts flow from the tiny beings with wires and tubes entangling them and from the parents sat close by tentitivley reassuring them that soon, soonthey will be held, rocked and sung to in a low voice in the dead of night and always always cherished. I didnt feel brave or couragious as I sat in my chair willing my daughters lungs to clear, I felt useless but I suppose I was. As a parent you dont feel you are being brave you just are, without realising. For them.

So my child, daughter of my heart, I will nurture and cherish you I will be brave for you and will urge you to be brave too and to have the courage of your convictions. Be bold and step bravely out into that big beautiful planet of ours because I have no doubt that those tiny toes of yours will leave their mark on our world.

Though she be but little she is fierce.

mama loves you always my dear heart x

This was my audition for the sakura bloom sling diaries the topic was courage and we were told to submit at least three images via instagram. You can see my feed here insta-feed or try searching #sakurabloomaudition to see all the amazing babywearing auditionees. Totally inspiring. 

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