Sunday, 29 June 2014

The Sling Diaries - An Audition

The quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger,pain without fear. Bravery.

I cant claim to know to much about courage. Ive never really had to do anything truly courageous but you hear about courage everyday. On the news in the papers even on social sites like twitter, like a young man named Stephen who though terminally ill with cancer manages to smile and raise over £3m for charity. Truly courageous. I do however think we carry courage with us every day. Especially as a mother. Before my babies I was brave for reckless silly reasons like getting a tattoo or staying the night home alone now its for my girls. During these child free days I read a story about mothers in war torn Germany that has always stuck with me. We all know the horror of whole jewish communities rounded up and taken to wooded areas never to return. The horrific terrifying knowledge of mass graves. The piece I read was about a group of women and children told to wait in such an area and slowly over the course of hours few at a time were taken and forever lost. The women were terrified and knew what was to become of them and their children but yet they smiled, they stroked cheeks, smoothed hair, held hands and told stories or sung happy songs to calm the children until none were left. Imagine it, the courage these brave souls had in their hearts to comfort and protect their offspring. Even then. 
For sure as spring flowers do bloom so does courage in the heart of a mother.

Ive watched mamas hold back tears as they hold the hands of babies to small to be real. Sat next to a plastic box that holds all my dreams and hopes and overwhelming copious amounts of love. there, in those rooms there is courage too. Huge amounts flow from the tiny beings with wires and tubes entangling them and from the parents sat close by tentitivley reassuring them that soon, soonthey will be held, rocked and sung to in a low voice in the dead of night and always always cherished. I didnt feel brave or couragious as I sat in my chair willing my daughters lungs to clear, I felt useless but I suppose I was. As a parent you dont feel you are being brave you just are, without realising. For them.

So my child, daughter of my heart, I will nurture and cherish you I will be brave for you and will urge you to be brave too and to have the courage of your convictions. Be bold and step bravely out into that big beautiful planet of ours because I have no doubt that those tiny toes of yours will leave their mark on our world.

Though she be but little she is fierce.

mama loves you always my dear heart x

This was my audition for the sakura bloom sling diaries the topic was courage and we were told to submit at least three images via instagram. You can see my feed here insta-feed or try searching #sakurabloomaudition to see all the amazing babywearing auditionees. Totally inspiring. 

Thursday, 26 June 2014

The Littlest Girlie - Seven month update

I think our days of saying Lady Gs age in weeks have long gone so we are now using months. I'm still struggling to comprehend my bambino being a whole seven months old, yet here we are!

Milk/Food - Milk feeds have been getting less as the actually food mealtimes increase. It seems much the same as Huggable who  had self weaned from milk at 8 months. Bottles are guzzled down in the morning and before bed but midday bottles are often played around with unless we have been swimming or something. Food on the other hand is always greeted with squeals of excitment. Whetabix for breakfast with a main dish followed by a pudding at lunch, a snack in the afternoon or milk then a main and pudding at tea time then milk before bed keeps my girlie all full up. So far there hasnt been a single thing that hasnt gone down well and there is no fussing at all. Things like kale and spinach seem to go down really well with the yummy snack of plum baby wafers in apple kale and spinach flavour or pumpkin and banana being devoured in minutes.

Sleep - Still an amazing little sleeper although the hot nights are causing some restlessness. We all tend to get to hot and end up having the fan on at night and sleeping in just a vest. The transistion to big girl cot has gone smoothly and between that and that rolling comfort comes in the side sleeping position clutching a friend.

Routine - Still relaxed with our only really structured days being thursays at massage and fridays for swimming but inbetween we see friends a lot and do our own thing having lots of fun. The days have taken on an even more relaxed feel with us spending so much time in the garden and dozing in the sun.

Milestones - Sitting up unaided for long periods is this months biggest milestone and rolling to get about is happening too. Swimming underwater at water babies classes is also going amazingly well with not a single tear just plenty of smiles and starfish hands slapping the water.

This is girl is growing like a weed but what a beautiful flower she is!

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Mama must haves!

Now I'm a mama to two gorgeous little kiddos of the girl variety I get asked a lot by friend etcwhat are the things I would rate or slate if I was having a baby now knowing what I know, With this in mind I thought it may be a useful blogpost for any new mamas or mamas looking for tips.
So here they are a few of my "mama must haves" I hope you enjoy.

Clock wise from the left side.

Our big green snooze machine aka the poddle pod This thing is a dream! Hands down one of the absolute best products we have ever purchased. I recommend this to every new mummy I meet. Basically its a little kind of snoozy pod for your baby to nap in, its middle is dipped so it supports the head whilst also giving baby that secure feeling of being held. Different covers for the pillow are available in a wide range of designs and fabrics also there's a rocker if your child likes to be rocked to sleep and when they are that bit bigger there is a larger sister product the toddle pod. Ours was gifted to us at christmas for a five week old lady G who fell under the spell of the pod very quickly. I'm not at all exagerating when I say we use ours every single day. In the early days its a safe place for a newborn on the sofa or bed and as Greta has gotten older its become the place she goes when in need of a nap. The poddle pod comes with a great draw string bag too which means you can take it anywhere, Greta even snoozed in her's at her christening!

The Singing seahorse. Lady G loves this thing. Huggable had one too. Remember glow worms? well this is like a really cute talented ocean loving version. The tummy glows a really soothing gentle light and also a classical music mega mix soothes baby to sleep.This clever critter will even turn its-self off after twenty minutes. Definitely a gotta have product.

Muslins - These ones are from marks and spencer and are the softest ones I have found. Handy for feeding, mopping up, general cleaning up of any goo but also double up as a lovely soft snuggly blanket or sunshade. Muslins have to be the one thing most mama's would recommend!

Baby carrier. This one is a Tula. We customised it with sucky pads and a hood from mamie co. I am a huge advocate of babywearing. The benefits are huge and lets face it who doesnt want extra snuggles from baby. I will be doing a more indepth look at babywearing safety/benefits etc so keep a look out for that. These type of carriers {ssc}tend to be popular with daddies too as they seem more like a manly rucksack type thing. Babies with reflux tend to really benefit from being worn as they are upright and also its a great way for new mamas to get out for a quick walk around the block.

The magic mitten. What  genius product. Admittedly we dont use this as much anymore but for newborns this is fab. Tucked away in a little cushion that mama can strap to her hand is a little mp3 which is programmed to just the right volume with three sounds babies love. Mother hearbeat, rain on a tin roof and ocean waves gentle sooth baby then turn of after ten minutes.When lady G got upset this just seemed to be the thing that got her attention and helped her calm down and lets face it it probably sounds a lot better than mummies singing.

Burts bees nappy cream. This stuff is heavenly. By far the best bum cream we have tried. Clears up any redness right away and smells amazing doing it. Something I have bought over and over and will continue to do. The whole burts bees baby bee range is fantastic and is the range we reach for again and again.

Sakura bloom sling. Ok so its a baby carrier type thing again but honestly this is my favourite. The sling just seems more natural to me. I always think newborns and smaller babies seem much more at home and comfortable in slings or wraps. The great thing about these slings is how beautiful they are but so so practical. It folds up so small so is really handy to tote about in your changing bag. One of the best reasons about buying a Sakura Bloom sling is that you become part of this little community and boy are those girls welcoming. Be warned though these can become some what of an addiction!!

Baby moccs. These are from the lovely Alice at Amy & Ivor. {tell her I sent you}A - MAZ-ING! if you are wanting baby shoes that stay on, look good and are comfoy for baby then look no further. The softest leather and the cutest design. These never come off. Ours are worn nearly ever single day and toddlers even get to rocks these too.

Cardies. We always have a cardie in our bag. It helps we known tons of lovely ladies {a bit like the shreddies nanas}who knit some really beautiful things for my girls. Babies get hot and cold really easily so having something you can slip on or off quickly is a must and whilst coats may be cute a lot of the time the add bulk. Besides who doesnt love a bambino all snug as a bug in some soft wooly creation?

Thats it mamas a little list of some of my must haves, maybe not a traditional kind of list but its the things we love and use I hope it helps and keep an eye out for other post about teething and sunny day must haves coming soon.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Remembering Childhood - Joyful

Since becoming a mama many things have changed. My body for one! The amount of cash in my purse, kiddos be expensive little creatures but also the way you see things. Sure your perspective on things changes massively especially on big things but one of the most lovely little side effects of having bambinos is that you begin to see the world anew again. You see it through their eyes and its a wondrous thing. Suddenly its not all grey clouds and things to be nervous or stressed about. The sun shines and you feel almost like a child yourself again. While I've been whiling away the precious days with my daughters I've begun to remember all the little things I loved or made me feel happy as a little girl and really wanted to create a post about them, to collect them all in one place. If I could wrap them all up in a little box to take out and listen to or smell when I wanted I would, I'd tie it with a big red bow - they always make me happy too!
So what would be on your list? Heres mine...
The sound jelly shoes made on the warm tarmac as we played outside.
The soft feeling of my mums lips on my forehead as i feel asleep.
My mum brushing my hair.
The sound of the ice cream van a block away and racing to my parents to beg for a treat.
Being in the back of the car reading as we drove to the best holidays ever in Anglesey and Scarbrough.
Knowing I always had a playmate with my brother.
Coming down stairs to find my doll {emily}all dressed up and my pram ready and waiting for me.
The weight of the stocking on the foot of my bed on christmas morning and then all sitting on my parents bed opening them.
Thinking my dad was so hansome he was always the hansome prince charming in my games.
Coming down the morning after my newborn brother and mum came home and how heavy he felt when my mum placed him on my lap.
Thinking I really truely was a princess because my family always told me I was.
Making a gang/den in our shed with all our friends.
Having water fights in the street.
The special smell of a new pencilcase.

Theres so many I have begun to keep a little notebook to add them all in as I rediscover them with my girls.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

These Two {Siblings}

The sixth entry in the siblings project with the lovely Lucy of Dear beautiful boy. I'm still struggling with the idea that we are half way through the year already. I swear I just blinked and already it has gone.
Well here's this months photograph, yet another quick snap with my iphone but with Huggable i strike while the irons hot and grab every sitting still opportunity she gives me!

Oh these two and all their beauty.
Somehow with every day that passes I fall deeper in love with them. Even as my heart feels full fit to burst with love for them it continues to swell with yet more.
How is it I exsisted before them?

My love affair with these girlish little creatures continues.

Join in.

dear beautiful

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Under the sea - A trip to sea life centre trafford

Yesterday it poured down. For two days straight it rained, it poured, the skies darkened and grey clouds rolled in. We had promised Huggable that we would have a fun day out at weekend after she had been so so brave with her pre-school boosters shots. She had them on wednesday and since then hasnt been herself, my poor girl seems to of had an allergic reaction. Seeing as she seemed better we packed our bag got our coats on and headed out to the trafford centre to visit the sea life centre. Trying to think of fun things to do in the rain is hard people!! We got there at around lunch time and it seemed many had had the same idea but we werent in the que long before we got in to have fun. I popped lady G in the sling so she could explore too and we took our time walking around.
 We poked our heads into underwater bubbles while fish swam around us and ran through tunnels teaming with schools of fish, sharks and coral.

Unfortunatley all my photos were iphone ones as we forgot the camera so i apologuise in advance for the blurry quality!
The huggable one was so excited to see all the colours and the interactive bits around the tour were great she especially loved changing the colours in the jelly fish tank.
She spoke to turtles and splayed her hand on starfish and was totally wrapped up in the talk about turtles on the beach with a little light show.
We said hi to a crab and gently touched his shell and then watched sting rays fly round their tank while we sat and had a snack.

 The lights and sounds were a hit with lady G too and both girls came out tired hungry and happy. Then we plodded over to the trafford centre for an early tea and of course a trip to mamas and papas for a present for the little one and then the disney store for the big little girls present. By the time we got home everyone was ready for pjs and some cups of tea while we watched radio ones big weekend.
What started out as a rainy gloomy day ended up as one i will cherish with my little family making memories and god willing there will be many more to come.

If you get the chance definatly go check the sea life centre out i'd recommended it to anyone with little ones.