Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Mama must haves!

Now I'm a mama to two gorgeous little kiddos of the girl variety I get asked a lot by friend etcwhat are the things I would rate or slate if I was having a baby now knowing what I know, With this in mind I thought it may be a useful blogpost for any new mamas or mamas looking for tips.
So here they are a few of my "mama must haves" I hope you enjoy.

Clock wise from the left side.

Our big green snooze machine aka the poddle pod This thing is a dream! Hands down one of the absolute best products we have ever purchased. I recommend this to every new mummy I meet. Basically its a little kind of snoozy pod for your baby to nap in, its middle is dipped so it supports the head whilst also giving baby that secure feeling of being held. Different covers for the pillow are available in a wide range of designs and fabrics also there's a rocker if your child likes to be rocked to sleep and when they are that bit bigger there is a larger sister product the toddle pod. Ours was gifted to us at christmas for a five week old lady G who fell under the spell of the pod very quickly. I'm not at all exagerating when I say we use ours every single day. In the early days its a safe place for a newborn on the sofa or bed and as Greta has gotten older its become the place she goes when in need of a nap. The poddle pod comes with a great draw string bag too which means you can take it anywhere, Greta even snoozed in her's at her christening!

The Singing seahorse. Lady G loves this thing. Huggable had one too. Remember glow worms? well this is like a really cute talented ocean loving version. The tummy glows a really soothing gentle light and also a classical music mega mix soothes baby to sleep.This clever critter will even turn its-self off after twenty minutes. Definitely a gotta have product.

Muslins - These ones are from marks and spencer and are the softest ones I have found. Handy for feeding, mopping up, general cleaning up of any goo but also double up as a lovely soft snuggly blanket or sunshade. Muslins have to be the one thing most mama's would recommend!

Baby carrier. This one is a Tula. We customised it with sucky pads and a hood from mamie co. I am a huge advocate of babywearing. The benefits are huge and lets face it who doesnt want extra snuggles from baby. I will be doing a more indepth look at babywearing safety/benefits etc so keep a look out for that. These type of carriers {ssc}tend to be popular with daddies too as they seem more like a manly rucksack type thing. Babies with reflux tend to really benefit from being worn as they are upright and also its a great way for new mamas to get out for a quick walk around the block.

The magic mitten. What  genius product. Admittedly we dont use this as much anymore but for newborns this is fab. Tucked away in a little cushion that mama can strap to her hand is a little mp3 which is programmed to just the right volume with three sounds babies love. Mother hearbeat, rain on a tin roof and ocean waves gentle sooth baby then turn of after ten minutes.When lady G got upset this just seemed to be the thing that got her attention and helped her calm down and lets face it it probably sounds a lot better than mummies singing.

Burts bees nappy cream. This stuff is heavenly. By far the best bum cream we have tried. Clears up any redness right away and smells amazing doing it. Something I have bought over and over and will continue to do. The whole burts bees baby bee range is fantastic and is the range we reach for again and again.

Sakura bloom sling. Ok so its a baby carrier type thing again but honestly this is my favourite. The sling just seems more natural to me. I always think newborns and smaller babies seem much more at home and comfortable in slings or wraps. The great thing about these slings is how beautiful they are but so so practical. It folds up so small so is really handy to tote about in your changing bag. One of the best reasons about buying a Sakura Bloom sling is that you become part of this little community and boy are those girls welcoming. Be warned though these can become some what of an addiction!!

Baby moccs. These are from the lovely Alice at Amy & Ivor. {tell her I sent you}A - MAZ-ING! if you are wanting baby shoes that stay on, look good and are comfoy for baby then look no further. The softest leather and the cutest design. These never come off. Ours are worn nearly ever single day and toddlers even get to rocks these too.

Cardies. We always have a cardie in our bag. It helps we known tons of lovely ladies {a bit like the shreddies nanas}who knit some really beautiful things for my girls. Babies get hot and cold really easily so having something you can slip on or off quickly is a must and whilst coats may be cute a lot of the time the add bulk. Besides who doesnt love a bambino all snug as a bug in some soft wooly creation?

Thats it mamas a little list of some of my must haves, maybe not a traditional kind of list but its the things we love and use I hope it helps and keep an eye out for other post about teething and sunny day must haves coming soon.

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