Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Remembering Childhood - Joyful

Since becoming a mama many things have changed. My body for one! The amount of cash in my purse, kiddos be expensive little creatures but also the way you see things. Sure your perspective on things changes massively especially on big things but one of the most lovely little side effects of having bambinos is that you begin to see the world anew again. You see it through their eyes and its a wondrous thing. Suddenly its not all grey clouds and things to be nervous or stressed about. The sun shines and you feel almost like a child yourself again. While I've been whiling away the precious days with my daughters I've begun to remember all the little things I loved or made me feel happy as a little girl and really wanted to create a post about them, to collect them all in one place. If I could wrap them all up in a little box to take out and listen to or smell when I wanted I would, I'd tie it with a big red bow - they always make me happy too!
So what would be on your list? Heres mine...
The sound jelly shoes made on the warm tarmac as we played outside.
The soft feeling of my mums lips on my forehead as i feel asleep.
My mum brushing my hair.
The sound of the ice cream van a block away and racing to my parents to beg for a treat.
Being in the back of the car reading as we drove to the best holidays ever in Anglesey and Scarbrough.
Knowing I always had a playmate with my brother.
Coming down stairs to find my doll {emily}all dressed up and my pram ready and waiting for me.
The weight of the stocking on the foot of my bed on christmas morning and then all sitting on my parents bed opening them.
Thinking my dad was so hansome he was always the hansome prince charming in my games.
Coming down the morning after my newborn brother and mum came home and how heavy he felt when my mum placed him on my lap.
Thinking I really truely was a princess because my family always told me I was.
Making a gang/den in our shed with all our friends.
Having water fights in the street.
The special smell of a new pencilcase.

Theres so many I have begun to keep a little notebook to add them all in as I rediscover them with my girls.

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