Thursday, 26 June 2014

The Littlest Girlie - Seven month update

I think our days of saying Lady Gs age in weeks have long gone so we are now using months. I'm still struggling to comprehend my bambino being a whole seven months old, yet here we are!

Milk/Food - Milk feeds have been getting less as the actually food mealtimes increase. It seems much the same as Huggable who  had self weaned from milk at 8 months. Bottles are guzzled down in the morning and before bed but midday bottles are often played around with unless we have been swimming or something. Food on the other hand is always greeted with squeals of excitment. Whetabix for breakfast with a main dish followed by a pudding at lunch, a snack in the afternoon or milk then a main and pudding at tea time then milk before bed keeps my girlie all full up. So far there hasnt been a single thing that hasnt gone down well and there is no fussing at all. Things like kale and spinach seem to go down really well with the yummy snack of plum baby wafers in apple kale and spinach flavour or pumpkin and banana being devoured in minutes.

Sleep - Still an amazing little sleeper although the hot nights are causing some restlessness. We all tend to get to hot and end up having the fan on at night and sleeping in just a vest. The transistion to big girl cot has gone smoothly and between that and that rolling comfort comes in the side sleeping position clutching a friend.

Routine - Still relaxed with our only really structured days being thursays at massage and fridays for swimming but inbetween we see friends a lot and do our own thing having lots of fun. The days have taken on an even more relaxed feel with us spending so much time in the garden and dozing in the sun.

Milestones - Sitting up unaided for long periods is this months biggest milestone and rolling to get about is happening too. Swimming underwater at water babies classes is also going amazingly well with not a single tear just plenty of smiles and starfish hands slapping the water.

This is girl is growing like a weed but what a beautiful flower she is!

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