Sunday, 1 June 2014

Under the sea - A trip to sea life centre trafford

Yesterday it poured down. For two days straight it rained, it poured, the skies darkened and grey clouds rolled in. We had promised Huggable that we would have a fun day out at weekend after she had been so so brave with her pre-school boosters shots. She had them on wednesday and since then hasnt been herself, my poor girl seems to of had an allergic reaction. Seeing as she seemed better we packed our bag got our coats on and headed out to the trafford centre to visit the sea life centre. Trying to think of fun things to do in the rain is hard people!! We got there at around lunch time and it seemed many had had the same idea but we werent in the que long before we got in to have fun. I popped lady G in the sling so she could explore too and we took our time walking around.
 We poked our heads into underwater bubbles while fish swam around us and ran through tunnels teaming with schools of fish, sharks and coral.

Unfortunatley all my photos were iphone ones as we forgot the camera so i apologuise in advance for the blurry quality!
The huggable one was so excited to see all the colours and the interactive bits around the tour were great she especially loved changing the colours in the jelly fish tank.
She spoke to turtles and splayed her hand on starfish and was totally wrapped up in the talk about turtles on the beach with a little light show.
We said hi to a crab and gently touched his shell and then watched sting rays fly round their tank while we sat and had a snack.

 The lights and sounds were a hit with lady G too and both girls came out tired hungry and happy. Then we plodded over to the trafford centre for an early tea and of course a trip to mamas and papas for a present for the little one and then the disney store for the big little girls present. By the time we got home everyone was ready for pjs and some cups of tea while we watched radio ones big weekend.
What started out as a rainy gloomy day ended up as one i will cherish with my little family making memories and god willing there will be many more to come.

If you get the chance definatly go check the sea life centre out i'd recommended it to anyone with little ones.

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