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Mummy Must haves - A Teething Baby

As a mummy to a baby teething at the moment, I carry around a little group of must haves for that reason. Amber teething necklaces, teething toys and pain relievers all live in my changing bag now.
So as part of my mummy must haves series I thought teething may be a good one to do next.

Teething baby can often mean sleep deprived upset mummy so anything that helps the teething process in my book is a must. There are also little tips you can use to help ease the process and keep everyone happy.

(clockwise from bottom left)
My absolute go-to recommend to everyone must have is an amber teething necklace. Ours is from a little ebay shop called Amber_stuff. Both my girls wear Baltic Amber necklaces to help natural pain relief, I have to say with the amber necklaces we very rarely have to use the other stuff and I can count on one hand the times calpol has been given for teething pain.Basically Baltic Amber in its natural form secretes an oil when worn next to the skin that is absorbed by the wearer. This oil acts as a natural pain reliever. A tip when buying a teething necklace is to make sure its from a good reputable company and also but the type with knots between each bead so should it snap they dont all come off creating a possiblity of choking . Saying all this Huggable wore her necklace till she was two it never snapped, Lady G has been wearing her's since four months of age and never pulls at it or anything, my thinking is that the earlier it is on the more natural and a part of them it seems so they never attempt to mess with it.

The next handy little helper is teething granules. These ones are Nelsons Theetha range. You tip the granules into the mouth of the baby and they again help pain relief and the bit I really like is that they are homeopathic so help calm baby too.

Teething toys are fab too. This is a wooden rag ring from the etsy store Cwtch bugs. Amazing cute stuff sold there! We also have a Sophie Giraffe which I could prize from lady G for the photo. Anything they can chew and is texture helps with the pressure pain during teething.

Dummy or a Wubanub in our case(uk can get them from amazon) and Teething gel used together can help combat both pressure and pain by numbing the gums. With a wubanub you can put your finger inside the teet so I tend to do that and put the gel on the teet then pop in the mouth. I can then make sure its applied where its needed.

Now the teething tips...
*Try putting chunks of apple or pear in the fridge then letting baby suck or chew them - please be aware of choking danger!
*Try a Clevamama clevafeeder its like a feeding net only better as its silicone so kill to birds with one stone put the teet in the fridge then fill with chilled fruit and away you go without the choking worry.
*Put the teet of any bottle or cup used for water in the fridge too.
*If your baby is one that gets a very sore bum when teething try cloth nappies, honestly they really are easier than you think and not really a faff at all. If you want to use nappy cream with cloth nappies be careful as you still want them to remain absorbant. I recommend Burts bees diaper ointment it works like a dream is kind to bums and cloth nappies alike and smells heavenly!

Well I hope this post helps some mamas out there, Please keep in mind these are only my views and opinions and what has worked with my girls. I have not been paid or had any of these products sent to me to promote the links are there purely to help you all find the things mentioned.

Fingers crossed teething is a breeze for you x

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