Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Summer style {#NYNYStyleProject}

I thought it might be good to take a look at summer style with all this hot weather we're having, there's also a fab fashion link up called the "New year, New you project" or #NYNYStyleProject hosted by Katy of Modern Mummy.

What is the #NYNYStyleProject?
Every month a list of daily prompts are posted on instagram you then interpret these each day and post a photo with the hashtag #NYNYStyleProject. It can be anything from shoes to eyelashes a bold lip to a buckle but the aim is simple really, to make us women {mostly mums}who have forgotten about our style and love of fashion to rekindle it. Here's July's...

Style and fashion seem to become an after thought when you become a mummy and finding your own mummy style can be hard work. These prompts help you out of your rut for sure. 

My search for Style and functional fashion as a mummy.
Before my babies I loved fashion and style, I cringe at the thought of how much money was spent on things only worn once or the big stack of glossy fashion magazines I religeously bought each month now, But at the time it didnt matter and weekends where spent shopping for the night out ahead. Fast forward to the birth of my first daughter and my fashion fix came in the form of a beautifully dressed newborn with a wardrobe to rival Harper Beckhams. The birth of daughter number two happened just seven sweet months ago and most of my style and fashion choices is now projected on/through them. That little girl at nursery who the staff shake their heads at and advise about "nursery clothes" yep shes mine, that baby girl in the pram the outfit that makes changing a nappy as difficult as defusing a bomb - yep she's mine too! I cant help it, I fear it may be some form of addiction adding to their impossibly cute wardrobes. While this is true and the girls look gorgeous the mother pushing the pram with her hair in a top knot for the millionth day in a row with her mummy uniform of practical leggings and a t-shirt, well thats a different story and she need's help.
Dont get me wrong I dont leave the house without my face on {apart from swimming day then I take a bag to casually though on my head}and I always want to look nice but somehow I end up settling on just acceptable rather than fashion forward and practical rather than pretty. It seems I am in a RUT!
I'm not sure how it happened really I think slowly and without me really noticing but that vintage loving, bold colour loving, high heel wearing, bag addicted lady has turned kind of...well...I mean...ok hands up I'm a bit mumsy.
So In January I made a change. A huge wardrobe de-clutter and re-organise happened. I got rid of anything that no longer fitted me or wasnt suitable for my mummy life. If you hadnt been worn in 18 months out you went. Something had a sentimental attachment so I either kept them in space saving bags or took a patch of the fabric. It felt well cathartic to say the least. Slowly I add to my wardrobe and with thought this time. My style is shinning through again but now with a mummy twist and I enjoy getting ready once more. I take time to apply make up and do my hair {though I still mostly favor a top knot!}and select clothes. Now rather than a tramp pushing the pram with a beautifully dressed baby its a well put together mama playing at the park with her girls. #NYNYStyleProjct helps with all this as it gives you a daily prompt so you think about your outfit more and have a kind of goal to aim for. Why not join in its worked a treat for me.

You can see my contributions on my instagram feed here
and just to get you inspired heres my Febuary flipagram #nynystyleproject Feburary

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