Thursday, 24 July 2014

The littlest Girlie {eight month update}

My baby girl is growing like a weed or rather a beautiful flower. How has the teeny tiny newborn I cradled in my arms this chubby chatty smiling baby girl sat on the floor playing? My goodness its true what they say the days are long but the years are oh so short.

Milk/Food - Bottles are now only tolerated in the morning and before bed the rest of the time its juice or water and food marvelous food for this girl! She loves everything especially ice cream which she had her first taste of though she will not drink juice out of the fridge it has to be room temperature! She is so like her sister and loves fruit especially strawberries and blueberries.

Sleep - The heat has this made sleep a bit difficult and as my girl like mummy to cuddle her after her milk and she has a hare that helps her sleep she can get into a hot sweaty frustrated mess but once shes off and we have the fan on shes great till the next morning. Cat nap in the pram under a shade are had also!

Routine -  well once again the heat messes this up a bit but its still our same old relaxed one with massage on a thursday and swimming on a friday followed by lunch with the mamas and bambinos. The only difference is now most of playtime can be spent in the garden or on the floor. Water play goes down so well and an afternoon bounce in the door bouncer is fun too!

Milestones - Lady G now shakes her head to say no no no and also says mama and mummy but only when shes upset!!She sits unaided now and rolls or caterpiller drags herself around. She once bum shuffled about six inches but hasnt done that that Ive noticed since though she does get herself into the crawling position and lifts her belly but the doesnt quite know what to do so lowers herself down again! Another milestone was her first visit to the zoo! {blog post to follow}she was such a good girl and enjoyed it so much especially the sealion show which she sung along too!! The belly laughs are no longer totally silent though I have to act like i have escaped from somewhere to get her to really do one of the noisy kind. Swimming is going great guns and though she has learnt to tuck her head into my shoulder when i give the command so water doesnt go in her face she still never bothers being dunked! She tolds on and even tries to pull herself out and i can let go of her while she in position and the last few weeks have seen me going under to see her swim and the catch her and also her being let go and swimming to the surface alone! truely an amzing sight.

Well thats it another months roound up done!

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