Thursday, 24 July 2014

The littlest Girlie {eight month update}

My baby girl is growing like a weed or rather a beautiful flower. How has the teeny tiny newborn I cradled in my arms this chubby chatty smiling baby girl sat on the floor playing? My goodness its true what they say the days are long but the years are oh so short.

Milk/Food - Bottles are now only tolerated in the morning and before bed the rest of the time its juice or water and food marvelous food for this girl! She loves everything especially ice cream which she had her first taste of though she will not drink juice out of the fridge it has to be room temperature! She is so like her sister and loves fruit especially strawberries and blueberries.

Sleep - The heat has this made sleep a bit difficult and as my girl like mummy to cuddle her after her milk and she has a hare that helps her sleep she can get into a hot sweaty frustrated mess but once shes off and we have the fan on shes great till the next morning. Cat nap in the pram under a shade are had also!

Routine -  well once again the heat messes this up a bit but its still our same old relaxed one with massage on a thursday and swimming on a friday followed by lunch with the mamas and bambinos. The only difference is now most of playtime can be spent in the garden or on the floor. Water play goes down so well and an afternoon bounce in the door bouncer is fun too!

Milestones - Lady G now shakes her head to say no no no and also says mama and mummy but only when shes upset!!She sits unaided now and rolls or caterpiller drags herself around. She once bum shuffled about six inches but hasnt done that that Ive noticed since though she does get herself into the crawling position and lifts her belly but the doesnt quite know what to do so lowers herself down again! Another milestone was her first visit to the zoo! {blog post to follow}she was such a good girl and enjoyed it so much especially the sealion show which she sung along too!! The belly laughs are no longer totally silent though I have to act like i have escaped from somewhere to get her to really do one of the noisy kind. Swimming is going great guns and though she has learnt to tuck her head into my shoulder when i give the command so water doesnt go in her face she still never bothers being dunked! She tolds on and even tries to pull herself out and i can let go of her while she in position and the last few weeks have seen me going under to see her swim and the catch her and also her being let go and swimming to the surface alone! truely an amzing sight.

Well thats it another months roound up done!

Monday, 14 July 2014

Zara Baby Girl Haul

I have been wanting to do more girls and baby fashion on this little blog of mine. So when I got a bit click happy over on the Zara website a week or so ago I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to do a little haul.

I've tried my hand at a little stop motion to try and show these lovley little additions to Lady G's wardrobe so I hope you like it.
The sale is on at the minute too so while some of the pieces are full price there are a few sale bits!! Lots of bargains to be had for sure and yes the teepee pants are from the boys section but I have never been one for thats girls and thats boys my ladies rock boy's gear all the time from band tees to jeans.

So here's so cute little detail shots for all you fashion lovers out there,

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Summer time Sisters {Siblings}

These sister's in this summer sun have been such a delight. We have been having some lovely evening strolls after tea with the dog and watching the sun go down together. I cant believe how the year is flying by and part of my wants to stop time and cherish these moments with these gorgeous girls of mine but the other half is so happy to be spending every sun shine filled day the summer is sharing with us sitting in the garden, having picnic lunches and lazy strolls round the park.

So here it is our Siblings July post. These girls of mine are so so in love with each other, every day is filled with kisses and cuddles and yells of ope ope from the baby to the big girl. Lucy over at Dear Beautiful Boy is the master mind behind this project and what a great one its been to join in with.

dear beautiful

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Mummy Must haves - A Teething Baby

As a mummy to a baby teething at the moment, I carry around a little group of must haves for that reason. Amber teething necklaces, teething toys and pain relievers all live in my changing bag now.
So as part of my mummy must haves series I thought teething may be a good one to do next.

Teething baby can often mean sleep deprived upset mummy so anything that helps the teething process in my book is a must. There are also little tips you can use to help ease the process and keep everyone happy.

(clockwise from bottom left)
My absolute go-to recommend to everyone must have is an amber teething necklace. Ours is from a little ebay shop called Amber_stuff. Both my girls wear Baltic Amber necklaces to help natural pain relief, I have to say with the amber necklaces we very rarely have to use the other stuff and I can count on one hand the times calpol has been given for teething pain.Basically Baltic Amber in its natural form secretes an oil when worn next to the skin that is absorbed by the wearer. This oil acts as a natural pain reliever. A tip when buying a teething necklace is to make sure its from a good reputable company and also but the type with knots between each bead so should it snap they dont all come off creating a possiblity of choking . Saying all this Huggable wore her necklace till she was two it never snapped, Lady G has been wearing her's since four months of age and never pulls at it or anything, my thinking is that the earlier it is on the more natural and a part of them it seems so they never attempt to mess with it.

The next handy little helper is teething granules. These ones are Nelsons Theetha range. You tip the granules into the mouth of the baby and they again help pain relief and the bit I really like is that they are homeopathic so help calm baby too.

Teething toys are fab too. This is a wooden rag ring from the etsy store Cwtch bugs. Amazing cute stuff sold there! We also have a Sophie Giraffe which I could prize from lady G for the photo. Anything they can chew and is texture helps with the pressure pain during teething.

Dummy or a Wubanub in our case(uk can get them from amazon) and Teething gel used together can help combat both pressure and pain by numbing the gums. With a wubanub you can put your finger inside the teet so I tend to do that and put the gel on the teet then pop in the mouth. I can then make sure its applied where its needed.

Now the teething tips...
*Try putting chunks of apple or pear in the fridge then letting baby suck or chew them - please be aware of choking danger!
*Try a Clevamama clevafeeder its like a feeding net only better as its silicone so kill to birds with one stone put the teet in the fridge then fill with chilled fruit and away you go without the choking worry.
*Put the teet of any bottle or cup used for water in the fridge too.
*If your baby is one that gets a very sore bum when teething try cloth nappies, honestly they really are easier than you think and not really a faff at all. If you want to use nappy cream with cloth nappies be careful as you still want them to remain absorbant. I recommend Burts bees diaper ointment it works like a dream is kind to bums and cloth nappies alike and smells heavenly!

Well I hope this post helps some mamas out there, Please keep in mind these are only my views and opinions and what has worked with my girls. I have not been paid or had any of these products sent to me to promote the links are there purely to help you all find the things mentioned.

Fingers crossed teething is a breeze for you x

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Instagram blog link up {The Tomorrow Project}

We all know about my love of babywearing and slings especially of the Sakura Bloom variety and I'm proud to say I'm a member of their community on instagram and facebook.

Sakura Bloom run a project called The Sling Diaries which you can check out on pintrest. Take a look for beautful inspiring babywearing mummies and a few daddies too. Many mama's still wanted to contribute even though not selected as a diarist so this lovely lady (I'm so sorry I dont know your name)came up with The Tomorrow Project. When she came to the end of her time as a diarist and wanted to continue to write. Every week on instagram a prompt is issued for a weekly photo challenge and then each month a prompt or theme for a blog post. I recently auditioned for the next round of diarist and whilst I was'nt selected still wanted to contribute to this community filled with beautiful women inside and out who welcomed me so warmly so I will be linking up. Stay posted for that but in the meantime you can check out my audition here.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Summer style {#NYNYStyleProject}

I thought it might be good to take a look at summer style with all this hot weather we're having, there's also a fab fashion link up called the "New year, New you project" or #NYNYStyleProject hosted by Katy of Modern Mummy.

What is the #NYNYStyleProject?
Every month a list of daily prompts are posted on instagram you then interpret these each day and post a photo with the hashtag #NYNYStyleProject. It can be anything from shoes to eyelashes a bold lip to a buckle but the aim is simple really, to make us women {mostly mums}who have forgotten about our style and love of fashion to rekindle it. Here's July's...

Style and fashion seem to become an after thought when you become a mummy and finding your own mummy style can be hard work. These prompts help you out of your rut for sure. 

My search for Style and functional fashion as a mummy.
Before my babies I loved fashion and style, I cringe at the thought of how much money was spent on things only worn once or the big stack of glossy fashion magazines I religeously bought each month now, But at the time it didnt matter and weekends where spent shopping for the night out ahead. Fast forward to the birth of my first daughter and my fashion fix came in the form of a beautifully dressed newborn with a wardrobe to rival Harper Beckhams. The birth of daughter number two happened just seven sweet months ago and most of my style and fashion choices is now projected on/through them. That little girl at nursery who the staff shake their heads at and advise about "nursery clothes" yep shes mine, that baby girl in the pram the outfit that makes changing a nappy as difficult as defusing a bomb - yep she's mine too! I cant help it, I fear it may be some form of addiction adding to their impossibly cute wardrobes. While this is true and the girls look gorgeous the mother pushing the pram with her hair in a top knot for the millionth day in a row with her mummy uniform of practical leggings and a t-shirt, well thats a different story and she need's help.
Dont get me wrong I dont leave the house without my face on {apart from swimming day then I take a bag to casually though on my head}and I always want to look nice but somehow I end up settling on just acceptable rather than fashion forward and practical rather than pretty. It seems I am in a RUT!
I'm not sure how it happened really I think slowly and without me really noticing but that vintage loving, bold colour loving, high heel wearing, bag addicted lady has turned kind of...well...I mean...ok hands up I'm a bit mumsy.
So In January I made a change. A huge wardrobe de-clutter and re-organise happened. I got rid of anything that no longer fitted me or wasnt suitable for my mummy life. If you hadnt been worn in 18 months out you went. Something had a sentimental attachment so I either kept them in space saving bags or took a patch of the fabric. It felt well cathartic to say the least. Slowly I add to my wardrobe and with thought this time. My style is shinning through again but now with a mummy twist and I enjoy getting ready once more. I take time to apply make up and do my hair {though I still mostly favor a top knot!}and select clothes. Now rather than a tramp pushing the pram with a beautifully dressed baby its a well put together mama playing at the park with her girls. #NYNYStyleProjct helps with all this as it gives you a daily prompt so you think about your outfit more and have a kind of goal to aim for. Why not join in its worked a treat for me.

You can see my contributions on my instagram feed here
and just to get you inspired heres my Febuary flipagram #nynystyleproject Feburary

Sunday, 29 June 2014

The Sling Diaries - An Audition

The quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger,pain without fear. Bravery.

I cant claim to know to much about courage. Ive never really had to do anything truly courageous but you hear about courage everyday. On the news in the papers even on social sites like twitter, like a young man named Stephen who though terminally ill with cancer manages to smile and raise over £3m for charity. Truly courageous. I do however think we carry courage with us every day. Especially as a mother. Before my babies I was brave for reckless silly reasons like getting a tattoo or staying the night home alone now its for my girls. During these child free days I read a story about mothers in war torn Germany that has always stuck with me. We all know the horror of whole jewish communities rounded up and taken to wooded areas never to return. The horrific terrifying knowledge of mass graves. The piece I read was about a group of women and children told to wait in such an area and slowly over the course of hours few at a time were taken and forever lost. The women were terrified and knew what was to become of them and their children but yet they smiled, they stroked cheeks, smoothed hair, held hands and told stories or sung happy songs to calm the children until none were left. Imagine it, the courage these brave souls had in their hearts to comfort and protect their offspring. Even then. 
For sure as spring flowers do bloom so does courage in the heart of a mother.

Ive watched mamas hold back tears as they hold the hands of babies to small to be real. Sat next to a plastic box that holds all my dreams and hopes and overwhelming copious amounts of love. there, in those rooms there is courage too. Huge amounts flow from the tiny beings with wires and tubes entangling them and from the parents sat close by tentitivley reassuring them that soon, soonthey will be held, rocked and sung to in a low voice in the dead of night and always always cherished. I didnt feel brave or couragious as I sat in my chair willing my daughters lungs to clear, I felt useless but I suppose I was. As a parent you dont feel you are being brave you just are, without realising. For them.

So my child, daughter of my heart, I will nurture and cherish you I will be brave for you and will urge you to be brave too and to have the courage of your convictions. Be bold and step bravely out into that big beautiful planet of ours because I have no doubt that those tiny toes of yours will leave their mark on our world.

Though she be but little she is fierce.

mama loves you always my dear heart x

This was my audition for the sakura bloom sling diaries the topic was courage and we were told to submit at least three images via instagram. You can see my feed here insta-feed or try searching #sakurabloomaudition to see all the amazing babywearing auditionees. Totally inspiring.